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“Discover Your Spiritual Gifts” InterviewVioletRayeImage

Later this week I will be interviewed the people at “Discover Your Spiritual Gifts.” Vialet Rayne and Dave the Mystic will be doing the interview and it will be broadcast on BlogTalkRadio. The interview is scheduled for May 4 but I'm told that it won't be available to the public until June 3. You can access it at" https://discoveryourspiritualgifts.com/videos/dysg-podcast-2022

I’m looking forward to this interview because it will give me a chance to step away from the event oriented, mundane astrology that I write about so often on these pages and focus on a more spiritual approach to this ancient study. In the interview I will talking about my latest book, “The Lunar Nodes” and how the lunar nodes (or nodes of the Moon) relate to issues like reincarnation and the relationship between our individual consciousness and the boarder consciousness that I feel pervades the universe. When we consider all the dire things happening both in this country and around the world, issues like these might seem superfluous. In the final analysis, however, there is nothing more important.

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