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Following the Moon: Apr. 30, 2022

With the Moon in the Third House and the Sun in the Ninth I had thought that the Full Moon chart for Apr. 16 (click here to see the article and the chart) would bring us issues related to communication and legality. Also, since both were square Pluto, it seemed to me that whatever brought those issues to the foreground would involve a display of power.

On the communication’s front we have Elon Musk buying Twitter, placing one eccentric billionaire in charge of one of the world’s most powerful social media platforms. With the courts, we got a court in New York threatening to hold former president Donald Trump is contempt. Communication – Check, Legal issues – Check, Power – Check.

Also, in the Apr. 16 chart we had Mars on the Descendant, which I felt signaled conflict with another country. Of course, we already are in a conflict with Russia because of its invasion of Ukraine. That conflict took an ominous step up recently when Vladimir Putin raised the possibility of using nuclear weapons if the U.S. and Europe continued their giving military aid to Ukraine.

Fortunately, the New Moon (and eclipse) chart for April 30 (click on New Moon to see the chart) seems to promise us at least two hopeful weeks before Putin unleashes nuclear Armageddon. The Sun and Moon are conjunct Uranus and all three form a pleasant sextile with Mars. This doesn’t exactly promise a trouble-free lunation period. Neither Uranus nor Mars are known for the gentleness. But, regardless of the bumps along the way, we will have a feeling we’re heading in the right direction.

Since the Sun and Moon are in Taurus and the Eighth House, finance and the economy would seem to be the areas that will benefit from this ride. We might see a lessening of inflation or a rebound in the stock market. Of course, the Eighth House also rules indebtedness. Our support of Ukraine against Russian aggression is getting more and more expensive and could increase our national debt.

In this New Moon chart we have a triple conjunction of Jupiter, Venus and Neptune, with Jupiter and Venus within a couple of degrees from the Descendant. This could also be taken to describe our generosity to the cause of Ukraine but, in a broader sense, it seems to describe a period of positive feelings and optimism. Of course, with Neptune involved, this optimism may have more to do with perception than fact.

We could also see Jupiter on the Descendant has representing some good news concerning the war in Ukraine. At the moment, with the Russian offensive intensifying, that doesn’t seem likely but we could hope for a more hopeful turn of events during the next two weeks.

Mercury rules the Ascendant of this New Moon chart and it is placed high in the chart and in a sign that it rules, Gemini. It is also the focus of several positive aspects. This adds to the generally upbeat theme of this horoscope and, since Mercury is in the Ninth House, it also indicates that legal issues and court decisions will be something we will need to watch during this lunation period.

We shouldn’t get too giddy about the positive nature of this New Moon chart. As I said, Mars and Uranus can play rough, even in a sweet, sextile aspect. Also, the current state of the world doesn’t seem at all conducive to much good news. Still, if this chart gives a couple of weeks in which we can push all that aside and focus on pleasant things, why would we question it?