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It’s “Forever” CallingLunar Nodes cover

In my latest book, “The Lunar Nodes,” I write that transiting aspects (squares, trines, etc.) to the Nodes of the Moon or Lunar Nodes are not reliable indicators of events in one’s life. That’s because what the Nodes represent in the horoscope is unique. The Sun, Moon and planets each represent a particular function of living on this earthly plane. The Sun is where we shine, the Moon where we feel, Mercury where we think and so on. The Lunar Nodes, on the other hand, represent a gateway to something beyond this level of experience.

There are occasions, however, when aspects to the natal Lunar Nodes by transit or progression or aspects by the transiting Nodes to important points in the natal chart do coincide with significant events. Such occasions are doubly important because, not only do they represent changes in our lives at this level consciousness, they are also conveying a message from a higher level of consciousness. It’s “forever” calling us and we need to listen.

What you call this higher level of consciousness doesn’t really matter. You can call it God, Allah, the universe or whatever. How you interpret this message is also up to you. Much will depend on the culture in which you were brought up and any religious or spiritual practice you picked up along the way. Essentially, they all are reaching toward the same higher reality regardless of how they name and describe it.

You might seek the advice of someone who seems to know more about such matters, like a minister, a rabbi or even an astrologer. However, what is happening here is so personal, so intertwined with your soul and your karma that, ultimately, what other people have to say about it may be of little use.

Of course, the other option is accept the message being conveyed to you without necessarily trying to understand it. After all, any understanding you apply to that message will be based on your human language and your human experience and the message is coming to you from a place where such things may not matter. Maybe instead of trying to translate the feelings you are having during one of these transits (as we would with a transit to one of the planets) it's better to just feel them and try to appreciate the fact that they are a link, your very personal link, with forever.

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