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The Eighth House in the Horoscope of the United States

One reason I favor the Sibly horoscope for the United States (click here to see the chart) is because, in several of the most commonly used house systems, it places the Sun in the Eighth House. Some people might find this objectionable because the Eighth is not generally considered a positive placement for the Sun but I feel that there is no house placement of the Sun that better sums up the history of this country.

One of the things traditionally associated with the Eighth House is debt. This can be financial debts but I feel things get more interesting when we also consider it as including emotional or even karmic debts. The hold that these debts have on us go much deeper than mere money. They latch onto our soul. They drive us on a deep, psychological level in ways that we often have trouble understanding.

The reason that I like this house placement of the Sun for the United States is that it came into being already carrying substantial debts. These were debts accrued as we pushed native Americans off their land. They were also debts we owed to those people forcible brought to this country as slaves. In the years that followed the Declaration of Independence these debts have only increased and multiplied to include other groups. Some people might point to more recent efforts to settle those debts, while others complain that we are barely making the minimum payment.

Of course, the United States is not unique in this regard. Every nation on earth has come out of a history of conquest and exploitation of the weak by the strong. What makes this country different, however, is that it was founded on principles like equality, justice and tolerance. We feel the weight of these debts more because they belie the image we have of ourself as a nation.

Our relationship with these Eighth House debts has recently become a political concern. Some state legislatures and governors are restricting what schools can teach their students about this nation’s indebtedness. They say they are combating something called “critical race theory” but what they’re really doing is shoving the “final notice” letter in the bin and changing their phone number. They are acting on the unsupportable belief that no nation founded on such lofty ideals could ever have accrued such a shameful list of debts.

In my book “Behind the Horoscope” I have a chapter on the Sun in the Eighth House. I write that what people with the Sun in the Eighth House are seeking is transformation. They seek it in many different ways: through a spiritual practice, psychoanalysis, through drugs and alcohol or through other types of extreme experiences. Often their search for transformation leads these Sun in the Eighth House folks into dark places and forces them to face their demons, their weaknesses and their debts.

In “Behind the Horoscope” I focus on what the placement of the Sun and Moon in the houses means to individual people but some of what I say can be applied to the horoscope of the United States. This nation is also seeking transformation. This is particularly true at this time, as Pluto makes it first ever conjunction to it natal place in the Sibly chart. And in order to get to that point of transformation we are going to have to face our debts. That is what Pluto is calling us to do.

The laws passed in states like Florida are one reaction to that call. It is a reaction that reveals the pressure segments of our population are feeling as acknowledgement of our nation's debts and the way they contrast with our self-image become more apparent. Unfortunately for these folks, such denials of our debts are only delaying tactics. Transformation is in our horoscope. Sooner or later, it is going to come.

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