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Following the Moon: Apr. 1, 2022

Thankfully, most of the more dire predictions I made in my analysis of the Full Moon chart for Mar. 18 (click here to see the article and the chart) turned out to be wrong. We didn’t have wide-spread protests about gas prices and the Biden administration has avoided escalating Russia’s criminal invasion of the Ukraine into a military confrontation between the U.S. and Russia (though Biden’s remarks about Putin being unqualified to lead did nudge the line.)

I had hoped that Neptune in that Full Moon chart would give us an surge of compassion and I think we’ve seen that during the past lunation period. In my neighborhood “Pray for Ukraine” signs are popping up like Spring flowers and that sentiment seems to extend across the nation. Even with prices rising and talk of a recession, no one is complaining about the billions in aid this country is sending to Ukraine.

Of course, we also saw a bit on the irrational side of Neptune. The Senate hearing on the nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson was turned into a farce in which various Republican Senators insisted on telling America how much they didn’t like sex offenders, while implying that Judge Jackson (and possibly Democrats in general) did.

The New Moon chart for Apr. 1 is one of the strangest I’ve seen. (Click on New Moon to see the horoscope.) In terms of aspect it is virtually a blank slate. It is as if the solar system is playing an April Fools joke on us. There are conjunctions in the chart but none of them (other than the conjunction between the Sun and Moon) are especially close. Overall the chart seems to describe a lunation period in which we all will be enjoying “the mellow.”

Of course, there are some hard places in this mellow. The conjunction of Mars, Saturn and Venus in the Second House indicates that the economy will continue to be a concern. Not only does the Second House rule monetary issues but Venus is sometimes also associated with wealth. With Venus aligned with the two malefic planets we can expect a pinch in that area. Rising prices will continue to be a problem and we might even see a sharp decline in the stock market.

There has been much talk about the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune. That aspect will be exact during this lunation period. In this New Moon chart that conjunction falls in the Third House of communication. This could describe a period of giddy optimism but it could also indicate an explosion of misinformation and confusion. We are already living in what some people call the “post-truth” era (a thoroughly Neptunian concept). We don’t need to see any more of that side of Neptune’s nebulous character.

Despite these issues, however, this New Moon chart seems to be describing a peaceful lunation period for the United States. (The chart is done for Washington D.C.) The receding threat of the pandemic and the approach of Spring probably have something to do with that. I would be nice if we could forecast something similar for the rest of the world but, unfortunately, that is not the case.