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Following the Moon: Mar. 18, 2022GGAMoon

The New Moon chart for Mar. 2 was such a pretty little thing that I wasn’t sure we could trust it. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) However, even though other parts of the world (Ukraine, Afghanistan, China, etc.) were dealing with horrible circumstances, the situation in this country was largely hunky-dory. This was because the COVID pandemic seemed to be receding and people across the country were ready to greet the Spring unmasked and without social distancing.

The New Moon chart also indicated an undercurrent of anxiety and we had plenty of that. Some people are concerned that an abandonment of COVID restriction could result in a resurgence of the virus. Others, about the war in Ukraine and the increasing pressure for the US to become more directly involved.  However, probably the biggest source of our anxiety is inflation and the continuing snags in the supply chain.

Since the conjunction of Mercury and Saturn in the New Moon chart occurred in the Eighth House, I should have foreseen that the economy would be a major concern. Along with the pandemic and the invasion of Ukraine, one cause of inflation is our national debt and the Eighth House has to do with debts. Still, thanks to that pretty little New Moon horoscope, there is hope that inflation will also recede in the coming months.

The Full Moon chart for Mar. 18 is not quite so lovely. (Click on Full Moon to see the chart.) The aspects to the Sun and Moon by Neptune and Pluto aren’t exactly negative but they are not altogether positive either. I dislike the fact that Pluto is in the First House of this chart, trine the Moon and sextile the Sun. This could make it very easy for the country to assume a kind of “tough guy” pose that might be difficult to back away from later on.

Neptune is conjunct the Sun and opposed to the Moon. Even though the aspects are not particularly close this could describe confusion with regard to our principles and national consciousness. Obviously, the one thing we don’t need are more misinformation and conspiracy theories and this aspect could bring both.

On the other hand, Neptune is also associated with compassion. What the aspect could be describing is the compassionate reaction in this country to the horrors wrecked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Compassion, of course, is a good thing but it could also bring us closer to an expansion of the war and an even greater horror.

Mars and Venus are continuing their long conjunction and, in this chart, both planets are square Uranus. We can associate this aspect with the war in Ukraine. This where the question of house systems comes into play. In the house system I’m currently using Mars and Venus are in the Second House. This indicates that US support for Ukraine will be mostly financial. However, other house systems place the Mars and Venus in the First House. This would indicate a more direct involvement by the United States. Since house systems represent one of the great unanswered questions in astrology, we’re going to have wait and see which one is correct.

Another possibility (if we keep Mars and Venus in the Second House) is anger over rising prices and inflation. For example, we could see people protesting gas prices. Since the causes of inflation are multiple, such protests would be pointless buy they would still make for a noisey and unruly lunation period.

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