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Following the Moon: Mar. 2, 2022GGAMoon

I had said that the placement of the Sun and Moon in angular houses in the Full Moon chart for Feb. 16 (click here to see the article and the chart) promised dramatic developments. My hope was that that development would be something other that a full scale invasion of Ukraine. (The fact that Putin appeared to be withdrawing troops at that time encouraged that notion.) To the world’s great dismay, however, this turned out to be a false hope and we got the bloody drama of Russian tanks rolling across the Ukrainian border.

I also said that things were going to get “real” for people in positions of authority. Obviously, the naked aggression demonstrated by Putin has brought pressure down on the Biden administration. Caught between the need to support the Ukrainian people and keeping out of an armed conflicted with Russia, the U.S. has decided to employ economic sanctions. At the present time those sanctions seem to be effective but they are doing more damage to the Russian people than to Putin himself. Meanwhile, Putin is making Cold War references to nuclear weapons and Republicans are saying that the crisis is as much Biden’s fault as Putin’s.

I also pointed out that the ruler of the Full Moon chart was in the Ninth House of justice and law. In the midst of the angst caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Joe Biden announced his pick for the Supreme court. Ketanji Brown Jackson appears to be eminently qualified but that doesn’t mean that the confirmation process will be free of controversy. Another important development during this lunation period was the lifting of most COVID restrictions around the country. Replacing the pandemic with an increased threat of nuclear war might not seem like a great deal, but I think most Americas will take it.

At first glance the New Moon chart for Mar. 2 seems amazingly innocuous. We have the Sun and the Moon in the Ninth House, a cadent house indicating events that have more to do with principles and abstractions than immediate realities. There are no “hard” squares or oppositions in the chart. Instead it is dominated by “easy” sextiles that typically promise a calm and relaxed flow of energy. However, a closer look reveals a couple of nasty thorns hidden in the pretty flower of a horoscope.

The first of these thorns is the triple conjunction of Venus, Mars and Pluto in Capricorn. Anytime Mars and Pluto get together violence is a possibility, but Venus seems to put a velvet glove over this iron fist. In the house system I’m using, the conjunction is in the Seventh House, which refers to the “other.” This would seem to describe the U.S. reaction to the invasion of Ukraine. I think this configuration promises that the economic sanctions will continue to be effective though they are unlikely to lead to a quick resolution of the conflict.

The other thorn is the nearly exact conjunction of Mercury and Saturn in Aquarius. This is an aspect of bad news, negative thinking and anxiety. That anxiety might be caused by some sort of cyber attack on the U.S. or by bad news regarding the war in the Ukraine. Whatever its cause, the thing to keep in mind is that the anxiety has more to do with the information and the way its delivered than the underlying facts.

Those are the thorns, but we still have a pretty nice looking blossom at the center of this horoscope. The Sun and Moon are aligned with Jupiter which is approaching a conjunction with the Midheaven in this chart. This would seem to describe a continued lifting of the dark cloud of COVID from our lives. This is certainly going to improve the mood of the country, though the fact that the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter are all sextile Uranus indicates that the situation will remain unstable and prone to surprising twists.