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The Horoscope of Ketanji Brown Jackson

Though the announcement of Joe Biden’s pick for the Supreme Court was more or less drowned out by the great crime being committed in Ukraine, it was still momentous. Not only will Ketanji Brown Jackson be the first black woman on the Court, she also represents the one of the few things that President Biden has done that is likely to get support from everyone in his party. Of course, we’re already beginning to hear rumblings of doubt from the other side of the aisle.

We don’t have a time of birth for Judge Jackson but a partial horoscope done for noon on her birth date is still informative. (Click on Ketanji Brown Jackson to see the chart.) She is very much a Virgo, with the Sun, Mercury and Mars in that sign. This tells us that she believes that accomplish big things is contingent on getting all the little things right. However, she also has the Moon in Pisces, indicating compassion and a willingness to follow her heart.

Both Virgo and Pisces are Mutable signs. An emphasis on Mutable signs typically describes a person is goes with the flow. This flexibility can be a good thing but it can also indicate a lack of resilience and determination. However, Judge Jackson’s natal Sun, Mercury, and Pluto are trine Saturn which tells us that she has an innate affinity for structure. She may be easy-going in her personal life but she is quite firm in holding to the structures in which she believes. In her case, that would be the law.

The emphasis on Mutable signs in Judge Jackson’s chart is also somewhat offset by the fact that Saturn is in Fixed Taurus and her Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in Fixed Scorpio. The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter is particularly interesting. In any other Water sign this aspect would indicate an overflow of emotion, but in Scorpio it describes emotions that run strong and wild under the surface. On those rare instances when this rush of feeling comes to the surface, its depth and power are likely to surprise everyone.

I looked at a overlay of Judge Jackson’s chart with the horoscope for the United States.(Click here to see that chart.) It is interesting that Pluto in that chart is trine Pluto in Judge Jackson’s horoscope and, since the U.S. is currently in the midst of its Pluto Return, that means that transiting Pluto is also trine Judge Jackson’s Pluto. It would seem that her nomination to the Supreme Court is in synch with the transformational energy of the U.S. Pluto Return.

Another interesting connection between Judge Jackson's horoscope and the horoscope for the United States is the conjunction of her Sun with Neptune in that chart. The U.S. Neptune is also experiencing a return of sorts. Transiting Neptune has been opposed to natal Neptune in the U.S. chart since last year. This make me think that Jackson’s confirmation hearing will bring out all the divisiveness and misinformation that has accompanied that transit in the U.S chart.

A further indication that Judge Jackson’s confirmation hearing could get ugly is the fact that it is currently set to begin in early April, when transiting Jupiter will be conjunct transiting Neptune and opposed to the U.S. Neptune. Jupiter is associated with justice but it also expands whatever it contacts. The intense and belligerent partisanship that currently dominates our political world, along with the shameless duplicity that has accompanied it, does not need to be expanded.

That takes us back to the partial horoscope of Judge Jackson. In April Saturn in her horoscope will be squared by transiting Saturn. This is a significant point in what we call the “Saturn Cycle.” These points frequently coincide with important events in our lives, particularly with events that have to do with our career or prestige. Saturn cycle aspects don’t guarantee success. Instead, they test our resource, our preparations and our character. However, from what we currently know about Judge Jackson, she has the resources to pass this test.

There’s one other aspect between Judge Jackson’s horoscope and the U.S. chart that we need to consider. The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in her horoscope forms a close trine to the conjunction of the Sun and Venus in the U.S Chart. This could be taken as an indicating that Jackson’s confirmation hearing will out bring that torrent of Scorpio emotion I previously mentioned. However, it could also mean that, whatever happening during the hearing,  America will come to love Justice.Ketanji Brown Jackson.

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