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My ‘Lightways Astrology Podcast’ Interviewana isabel

I recently was interviewed by Ana Isabel, an astrologer in Great Britain, for broadcast on her “Lightways Astrology Podcast,” now available on YouTube, and Apple and Android phones.  The subject was my upcoming new book, “The Lunar Nodes: What They Mean and How They Affect Your Life,” which is being published by Llewellyn Worldwide in March.

My approach to the Nodes of the Moon is based on several years of research, and it differs from how the Nodes are commonly interpreted  in a couple of significant ways. This interview gave me a chance to explain these differences and how I arrived at my concept for the book.

Ana is a former BBC presenter and writer. Along with her podcast, she is a counselling astrologer and a frequent guest on astrology and New Age broadcasts in the UK. Her interview style is easy and to the point. I really enjoyed talking with her, and I invite you to visit her website at www.lifeastrologer.com

You can access the YouTube video by clicking here.

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