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Following the Moon: Feb. 16, 2022

The placement of the Sun and Moon in the New Moon chart for Feb. 1 (click here to see the article and the chart) argued against any significant developments during the last lunation period. At least with regard to the situation in Ukraine, that was mostly correct. In fact, it now sounds as if the crisis might be simmering down. On the other hand, the rest of the chart seemed to promise some occurrences that would, if nothing else, be interesting.

On the positive side, we saw many states removing the restrictions that were imposed because of the pandemic. This was certainly good news, though the fact there is yet another variant rumbling its way through Europe could interrupt our celebration. The truckers’ protest on the Canadian border also sparked much interest, particularly from those people who have grown tired of life under COVID restrictions.

There has also been some interesting news with regard to Donald Trump. The committee investigating the events of Jan. 6 obtained the presidential papers from that period and found that several documents were missing. It seems that former President Trump has already started editing the history of his administration. Also, there has been movement in the fraud case against Trump’s business, with his long-time accounting firm casting doubt on the veracity of their records from years past.

The Full Moon chart of Feb. 16 (click on Full Moon to see the horoscope) also promises us an interesting lunation period, though in a much different way. In this chart we have the Sun and Moon placed in angular houses. This typically indicates that major changes and important events that are visible to all. Since the Sun in in the Tenth House and the Moon in the Fourth, those changes would seem to involve both our leadership and our security as a nation.

The most obvious place where we might expect these changes to occur would be in the Ukraine. The recent withdrawal of troops by Russia and Putin’s language seem to indicate that the threat of a Russian invasion of that country is diminishing but Russia’s intentions are still unclear. It seems likely that resolution of the crisis will be neither quick nor deliberate.

The Full Moon chart seems to describe such a resolution. It gives us the conjunction of Venus and Mars in the Eighth House. This seems to describe aggressive intentions that are diverted and hidden away. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they won’t remerge at another time. The Eighth is the house of sublimation, but it is also the house of extreme and desperation actions.

If the threat to the Ukraine really does wither away, then what will be the decisive event that will dominate this lunation period? Given that the Moon in the Fourth House, we should expect it to involve matters close to home. We should also expect it to be something that comes at us from a totally unexpected direction. That’s because Pluto forms a nearly exact quincunx to the Moon and semi-sextile to the Sun. Pluto tends to work in subtle, indirect ways and quincunx aspects almost always bring us odd and surprising events.

Since the ruler of the chart is Mercury and Mercury is in the Ninth House of law, one thing that might occupy our attention during this lunation period would be President Biden’s Supreme Court pick. If that is so, then we can expect hidden agendas and secret intentions to swirl around this person. Whether these will be caused by her (Biden has said it will be a black woman) or by Republican opposition to her confirmation remains to be seen.

On the  other hand, what draws our attention could be the status of the administration itself. Pluto often brings frustration and a sense of being bogged down or overburdened. Even without Ukraine, there are a multitude of issues weighing down the Biden administration. With Pluto, things get real, and reality bites. This not only applies to Biden, but any person in a position of authority. Pluto's configuration with the Sun and Moon in this chart is likely to provide a dose of bitter and unwelcomes reality to anyone exercising power..

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