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Following the Moon: Feb. 1, 2022GGAMoon

I had predicted that this past lunation period would be active and I wasn’t wrong. However, where I thought the movement would involve health or technological issues, it was primarily on the international front and brought us the imposing shadow of Vladimir Putin and war.

Where I had felt that the square between Uranus and Mercury in the Full Chart of Jan. 17 indicated some sort of cyber-attack, (click here to see the article and the chart) it actually manifested in an international mind-game, with Putin and the Ukraine debating who was threatening whom. Since Uranus in that chart was trine Venus as well, I also forecast some good news. We might assume that this is the growing expectation that, after the Omicron variant runs its course, we’ll finally be free of the pandemic. Of course, promises coming from Uranus have a way of turning into nasty tricks.

One bit of good news, at least for liberals, with the announcement that Supreme Court Justice Breyer is retiring. This gives President Biden a chance to assert his power in a positive way. However, anyone who expects Mitch McConnell to let a Democratic president to appoint a Supreme Court Justice without throwing to a few wrenches into the works is dreaming.

Like the Full Moon chart for Jan. 17, the New Moon chart for Feb. 1 is full of mixed messages. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.) Once again we have the Sun and Moon placed in Cadent houses, indicating that significant events are less likely. However both the Sun and Moon are strongly aspected. They are conjunct Saturn and square Uranus. Also, just like in Jan. 17 chart, Uranus is conjunct one of the angles of the horoscope. This time it is on the Descendant, which points to the relationship between our nation and other parties.

Supposedly Putin is still considering his options now that he has massed troop, tanks and artillery on the Ukrainian border. This chart could bring us a decision. Since the Sun and Moon are in Cadent houses, I’m inclined to think that his decision would represent a serious challenge to the United States. However, Uranus describes sudden and often shocking changes. These changes could involve something totally unrelated to Russian or Ukraine but, right now, the most unsettled and therefore Uranian place on the earth is the border between those two countries.

Another worrisome thing about this chart is the proximity of Saturn to the IC. Two planets on the angles describes a high pressure situation and Saturn, the planet of judgment and retribution, is rarely a happy indicator. The problems described by this placement will be closer to home and, given the level of anger and misinformation that’s out there, we have no shortage options. We have to hope that, in this configuration, Saturn will restrain the extremism of Uranus and this tension will pass without an explosion.

What about those mixed messages? Well, along with being square the Sun and Moon, Uranus is once again trine Venus and, at a wider orb, Mars. Uranus also forms a close sextile with Jupiter. Something is going to happen to ease the tension that we’re feeling on the international front and, possible, give us hope of shaking ourselves free of the chains of COVID-19. I’m not sure what that will be but watching for it will certainly be a lot more pleasant that waiting for a war to start.

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