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Putin Plus a Pluto Return

It’s always difficult to write about Vladimir Putin. Though we have a chart with a time of birth provided by his office (click here to see the chart), many people are dubious of its veracity. After all, Putin was a career KGB agent. He has essentially been trained never to tell the truth about himself. With this in mind, doubts about the time, place and even date of his birth cannot be lightly dismissed.

This is one reason why I haven’t written about the growing threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, now that the conjunction of Pluto to it natal place in the horoscope of the United States (the much talked-about and dreaded Pluto Return) has come within a degree, that situation has gained a new significance. Pluto aspects bring transformation and what could more transformative than a war between the NATO allies and the Russian Federation?

In the horoscope we have for Vladimir Putin transiting Uranus is currently opposite his natal Venus. This is an aspect that can generate mistrust. You don’t know what to expect from the people around you and that makes you nervous and apprehensive.. It is also an aspect that can spur extreme and reckless actions.

From what we know of Vladimir Putin, it is hard to imagine him being reckless. In fact, one argument against this horoscope is that it doesn’t really describe the kind of cold calculation that has thus far characterized Putin’s career. But, even if we don’t give this chart and the Uranus transit credence, we are still left with the threat posed by the Pluto Return in the US chart.

The fact is that war with Russia is just one of several transformative events hanging over out collective heads these days. The COVID-19 pandemic has already brought major changes in the way we live and those changes could become transformations. Experts have been predicting a stocks market crash for quite a while now. This could be the year when it happens. Our politics have become so divided and destructive that some sort of political transformation is definitely possible and the pressure of climate change and extreme weather events continues to build a transformation of the planet on which we live.

At the present time, I’m inclined to think that any one of these transformations is more likely than a war with Russia. This opinion has less to do with astrology than with Vladmir Putin past behavior. However, if it turns out that I’m wrong, at least I’ll have an excuse. I can blame Astrodatabank and the squirrelly horoscope they put out of Vladimir Putin.


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