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Neptune and Donald Trump in 2022Neptune Symbol

I did a forecast for 2022 for a local group recently. In that presentation I was careful not to show favoritism to either side of the political divide. This wasn’t easy, given the way in which virtually everything in this country has been given a political slant. Among other things, I had to avoid mentioning the name of former President Donald Trump.

Just the fact that I’m calling him “former” President is in itself a political statement. Donald Trump as spent the entire year of 2021 calling the 2020 election rigged and unfair and claiming that he was actual the winner. To my knowledge, no defeated candidate of the presidency has ever done this, and several had considerably more grounds for complaint than Donald Trump. However, that hasn’t stopped his legion of supporters from echoing his claim.

These claims and the way so many people have accepted them has a lot to do with the opposition of transiting Neptune to natal Neptune in the horoscope of the United States. This aspect dominated the affairs of this country during 2021, spreading confusion and misinformation and making it difficult for Americans to agree on anything.

Neptune was also a dominant factor in the horoscope of Donald Trump in 2021. The Sun and Moon in Trump’s natal horoscope both form a close square to Neptune in the U.S. chart. This is one reason why his candidacy connected with the hopes and dreams of a lot of voters in 2016. What it also means, however, is that, when transiting Neptune opposes the U.S. natal Neptune, it is also square Trump’s Sun and Moon. It’s a package deal. Trump’s delusions have become America’s delusions.

The bad news for America is that transiting Neptune will continue its aspect to the U.S. and Donald Trump’s chart throughout 2022. Don’t expect Trump to have a sudden change of heart and don’t expect the millions of people who believe in him to recognize their mistake. On the other hand, nothing about Neptune is firm or consistent. The same Neptunian fog that conceals you can suddenly become a haven for your enemies.  

During the period in which Trump’s “big lie” was working its way into the American consciousness the ex-President was also suffering a series of legal setbacks. Federal prosecutors in New York have impaneled a grand jury to hear criminal charges against Trump and his businesses, the congressional committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection has gained access to his emails and other documents and there was also a ruling that ordered the release of Trump’s tax returns.

None of these setbacks will necessarily be fatal to Trump’s hopes for reelection in 2024. That’s not the way Neptune works. Neptune is not the heavy hand of the law. It is the insidious noise of rumor and innuendo. Thus far Donald Trump has seemed impervious to this noise but that could change in 2022, particularly as Republican voters begin the realize that they're the ones paying his legal bills.

Another thing about Neptune is that it makes it hard to hold on to what you’ve got. In 2021 Neptune seriously impeded Donald Trump’s effort to hold on to the presidency. In 2022 it could make his grip on the Republican party just as slippery. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to core of devotees who gather at his rallies, but there are other Republican politicians and voters who are not altogether happy with where the Trumpites are taking their party. There are already signs of unrest among some of these traditional conservatives. That unrest could grow into a split that could greatly weaken Trump’s control of the party's agenda.

There really isn’t much of a connection between the mythology of Neptune, god of the sea, and the astrological symbolism of the planet, but it is possible to see something oceanic in the way Neptune works. Like the rising tide Neptune can bring us a random bounty and like the receding tide it can take it all away. In 2021 Donald Trump did a pretty good job of riding that tide. In 2022, however, he may very well find that that same tide has left him in some deep and rather hot water.

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