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Following the Moon Jan. 17, 2022

In my analysis of the New Moon chart of Jan. 2 (click here to see the article and the chart) I had predicted that the national conversation might change from COVID to politics. President Biden made an attempt at this by trying to light a fire under the push for a voting rights bill, but the drumbeat of the Omicron variant eventually drowned him out.

I see the burst of energy from the President as a manifestation of Jupiter in the Tenth House of that chart. This brought heightened attention to our leadership. But we also have Saturn in the Tenth House in that chart which spelled trouble for the administration. During this past lunation period Biden’s vaccination mandate was dealt a major blow by the Supreme Court.

We could also see evidence of this combination in Biden’s promise to send COVID tests to all of our citizen. He made that promise early in the lunation period. Then we found out that the system for performing that astounding feat was still in the works and it would be several weeks before the process could even start. What Jupiter promises and Saturn takes away.

The Full Moon Chart for Jan. 17 also contains some mixed messages. The opposition of the Sun and Moon occupies the Sixth and Twelfth Houses. This typically indicates that the really important events are happening behind the scenes or in a way that seems routine and unremarkable. However, the chart has Pluto in a close conjunction with the Sun and Uranus is riding the Midheaven. These are both indicators of dramatic and shocking occurrences.

The conjunction of the Sun and Pluto in the Sixth is what most grabs my attention. The Sixth House has to do with disease and health issues and Pluto conjunct the Sun (and opposed to the Moon) is an aspect of oppression. That sense of oppression could come from the unusual weather events or the continued rapid spread of the Omicron variant. That’s the “good” option. Option two would the development of another variant that’s even worse than Omicron.

I’m also not liking the placement of Uranus on the Midheaven of this chart and square Mercury and Saturn. In the Jan 2 New Moon chart we had Mercury on the Midheaven and I mentioned the possibility of a major cyber-attack. That didn’t happen, but this configuration is an even more powerful indicator of the same thing. Given the increased tensions between the U.S. and both Russia and China, along with the proliferation of criminal hackers, I think such an attack is still a possibility.

This brings us back to the issue of mixed messages. Along with the squares from Mercury and Saturn, Uranus also receives a nice trine from Venus. This would indicate a development that is much more pleasant. The fact the Venus is placed in the Fifth House makes the mostly likely source of such an event would be the entertainment industry or perhaps something involving children. The promise here is that whatever oppression we feel or shocks we receive, they will be at least somewhat offset by some good news.

Mixed messages also fits into the square between Mars and Neptune in this chart, only these are the kind of mixed messages that result in confusion and ill-timed, ill-conceived actions. This aspect describes things that fall apart or end up in a muddle because of anger, impatience or irrational beliefs. Of course, just because an action ends in a muddle doesn’t mean that it can’t create a lot of havoc along the way.

Overall I think this is going to be an active lunation period that will bring us both more of the troubles we’re used to and some new problems that might surprise us. However, it will also bring us reason to hope for better times, and that is definitely something we all need.