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When Capricorns FightCapricornSymbol

It’s getting ugly up there in Washington where Senators are holding hearings on the COVID-19 epidemic. We’ve got two Capricorns, Senator Rand Paul (born Jan. 7) and Dr. Anthony Fauci (born Dec. 24) fighting it out. Capricorns usually keep their anger under strict control, but when they decide to let go, you'd just better watch out.

Paul is also a doctor, an ophthalmologist to be exact, and he seems to believe that his medical training gives him special insight to the issues surrounding the pandemic. However, Paul is a libertarian in terms of his politics, and he believes that efforts to control the spread of the disease have to be left up to individual citizens. The involvement of big government is not necessary.

Dr. Fauci, as head of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases and as a trained immunologist, believes that controlling the pandemic requires a coordinated effort involving all citizens under to direction of informed scientists. That is the is political basis for the animosity between these two men. However, I though it might be fun to look at the astrological basis. (Click here to see a double chart with Rand Paul’s in the middle and Anthony Fauci on the outside.)

Since we don’t have a birth time for either of these men the charts have been done for noon. However, even a comparison of these partial horoscopes is striking. Immediately, we see that Mars in Paul’s horoscope is square the tight opposition of Mars and Uranus in the horoscope of Dr. Fauci. It’s no wonder that their exchanges contain so much vitriol. Mars is all about combat and the presence of Uranus in this combination tells us that Paul regards Fauci and arrogant and high-handed.

This Uranian theme goes in both directions. Venus in Fauci’s chart is square Uranus in Paul’s. If they teenage lovers Fauci might regard Paul as the irresistible rebel but in the current situation this aspect indicates that Fauci sees the Senator as dangerous and out-of-control. This is why Fauci blames Paul for the death threats he has received.

Mercury in Rand Paul’s chart square Jupiter in Fauci’s. Generally this would indicate intellectual compatibility but Paul’s Mercury is also opposed to Fauci’s Pluto and makes a wide square to his Saturn. Paul has accused Fauci of conspiring to conceal the source of the COVID-19 virus. The connection to Pluto indicates that Paul sees Fauci as untrustworthy and hungering for power.

The battle between Fauci and Paul mimics the fight taking place between transiting Saturn and transiting Uranus, two planets that will continue to flirt with a square aspect in 2022. In this fight Fauci takes the Saturn role of the authority figure while Paul plays the part of rebellious Uranus. This might seem to be a strange role for a Capricorn Sun sign, but Paul has Mercury in Aquarius (Uranus’ sign) and it is quincunx Uranus in his chart.

Considering the way in which their horoscopes interact, the battle between Paul and Fauci is not likely to end anytime soon. Unfortunately, the same can be said for the pandemic.

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