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Following the Moon: Jan. 2, 2021GGAMoon

I had predicted that the conjunction of Venus and Pluto in the Full Moon chart for Dec. 18 (click here to see the article and the chart) would put a damper on our holiday celebrations and make us more aware of those for whom the season is neither merry nor bright. The coverage of the aftermath of the tornadoes in Kentucky during the first week of this lunation period and the more recent reports on the wildfires in Colorado have certainly done that. Even though these events directly affected relatively few Americans, these images have impacted us all.

Another thing that has impacted us all has been the Omicron variant. This highly infectious virus changed travel plans, cancelled events and blew-up our hope that maybe the pandemic was coming to an end. I was suspicious of the placement of Neptune on the Descendant of that Full Moon chart. I had hoped that it would bring us a wave of compassion and empathy. Instead the planets has left us with a deep uncertainty about what the coming year has in store, particularly with regard to the pandemic.

The New Moon chart for 2022 (click on New Moon to see the horoscope) seems to indicate that, for the next couple of weeks, our attention will shift from COVID-19 to politics. The Sun and Moon are in the Ninth house of ideology and they receive a strong trine aspect from Uranus. We might see surprising revelations from the panel investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection or perhaps some of Biden’s initiatives that have been stalled in the Senate will gain new life. The historical significance of such movement might not be great but it will generate some interesting conversation.

The fact that Mercury is conjunct the Midheaven in this chart indicates that technology is going to be a central issue during this period and the fact that Mercury is also widely conjunct Pluto hints that power and subterfuge might be involved. The present confrontation between the US and Russia over Ukraine could spark a cyber attack of some sort or there could be a breech of the security of a major corporation that compromises our privacy.

Having Saturn in the Tenth House square Uranus does not bode well for our current administration. This indicates criticism of or rebellion against authority. Of course, we’ve already seen plenty of this with regard to vaccination mandates and other issues. This lunation period could bring such matters to a boil and cause headaches of the people in charge.

However, we also have Jupiter in the Tenth and, even though the planet is not strongly aspected, this seems to promise a better lunation period for the administration. In fact, having Jupiter so strongly placed in this chart, both by sign and house position, is good news for us all. Jupiter bring bounty and that bounty should be felt by us all in some way. So, even though we might feel some shocks and hear a lot of complains, we all should come out of this first lunation period of the new year with something to smile about.

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