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Saturn Square Uranus in 2021(and Beyond)SaturnsqUranus Image

As Saturn and Uranus approach their last exact 90 degree aspect I thought it would be appropriate to look back at the changes this stressful configuration has brought to the world and particularly to the United States. Saturn square Uranus represents a classic argument between the strict parent and the rebellious child. In 2021 that argument echoed throughout this country, from sea to shining sea.

Saturn is the planet of authority: parental authority, societal authority and governmental authority. It is also the planet of tradition, the subtle authority of inertia and “but we’ve always done it that way.”  Knowledge can be a form of this planet’s authority and the expert is a Saturnian figure. They point to their degrees and the letters after their name and tell us what is good of us.

Uranus represents the rebel, the contrarian and the individualist. It is hard-wired to resist authority, disrupt tradition and challenge expertise. Uranus isn’t just inclined to break the rules. It is deeply offended by their very existence. Rules limit the transcendent power of the mind, which is what Uranus is all about, and they discourage the brave individual from exploring new and untried paths to knowledge.

The argument between Saturn and Uranus that we’ve experienced during this year has been particularly loud because both planets are in Fixed sign. Saturn is in Aquarius and Uranus is in Taurus. Fixed signs don’t change their minds. They aren’t looking for compromise or resolution. They can’t be satisfied until they either won the argument or the other party has simply given up.

During 2021 this argument between Saturn and Uranus has taken many forms. We’ve seen it in the argument over vaccination, the wearing of masks and other measures to contain the COVID pandemic. We seen it in our political discourse and in the seemly unending argument over the validity of the 2020 election. We’ve seen it in the arguments over climate change, gun control, freedom of speech and many other issues.

In each of these arguments Saturn has sought victory by laying out facts, statistics and scientific research. Uranus has countered contradictory facts and opinions. A lot of that contradictory material comes from dubious sources, but that’s fine with Uranus. For Uranus the goal is not to replace the authority of Saturn. It only seeks to disrupt that planets authority by undercutting the experts and creating doubt.

Some of us have taken sides in this argument between Saturn and Uranus but, for the most part, we’ve been caught in the middle. Each of us has both of these troublesome planets placed somewher in our horoscope. One might be more prominent than the other, but it is only natural for us to feel a little sympathy for both. This why the square between Saturn and Uranus has created so much tension during 2021.

On Christmas Eve at around 2AM (EST) the square between Saturn and Uranus will be exact for the last time. You might think that this event will bring us the end of the argument that consumed 2021 but think again. Even though the aspect will not be exact again, the two planets will be within a degree of being 90 degrees apart for several weeks in Sept. and Oct. of 2022. The argument may become a little less loud and contentious, but it isn’t going away. Neither are the issues that became the earthly substance of this planetary disagreement. So if your wish list to Santa included a less divided country in 2022, I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed.

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