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Following the Moon: Dec. 18, 2021

I had hoped that the fact that Venus in the New Moon chart for Dec. 4 (click here to see the article and the chart) was close to the IC would allow us a respite from our various troubles. However, Venus in that chart was also conjunct Pluto and, not only did we get a new surge of COVID infections, we also got a taste of another world-wide disaster, climate change.

Uranus quincunx to the Sun and the Moon in the New Moon chart is a perfect representation of the unprecedented nature of the tornadoes that struck western Kentucky. Uranus brings unpredictability, while the quincunx aspect typically describes something strange and unexpected. The strength of those storms and the length of time they stayed on the ground shocked the experts and provided a dreadful foreshadowing of weather events in the future.

Meanwhile, the pandemic continues to rage. Just like last year, holiday gatherings have become the launch sites for a spike in infections, hospitalizations and deaths. This is a global problem and I see it has having less to do with the New Moon chart and more to do with the return of the Saturn to Uranus square. This configuration has dominated 2021 and it will become exact again just before Christmas. This square seems set to bring us more cancellations, travel restrictions and arguments over masks and vaccinations as the year winds down.

At first glance the Full Moon chart of Dec. 18 (click on Full Moon to see the horoscope) seems rather benign. We have Jupiter trine the Sun and sextile Venus. Jupiter is an indicator of bounty and generosity, making this aspect quite appropriate for the Christmas season. The fact that the Sun is quincunx Venus seems to reinforce this reading. With Venus at the helm, we should expect only pleasant surprises from this quincunx.

However, Venus is once again conjunct Pluto in this Full Moon chart. This is likely to give us a heightened awareness of the many among us who are not having a merry Christmas. It will also highlight the uncertainty that the COVID epidemic has brought into all of our lives. We can hope that this awareness will spark an increase in charitable donations and giving during this seasons, but it is also likely to put a damper on those festivities that are not cancelled.

Another issue in the fact that the Sun and Moon in this chart are in angular houses. This is usually an indicator of something of great significance happening during the lunation period. We could focus on the aspects to the Sun and Moon by benefic planets (Jupiter and Venus) and hope for a massive outpouring of Christmas joy, but we also have to consider the return of the Saturn to Uranus square and the way this aspect as exacerbated the divisions among the American people throughout the past year.

Uranus in this Full Moon chart is trine Mercury, which rules the chart’s Ascendant. Whatever surprises come our way during this lunation period will probably involve communication and information. Maybe our Christmas present will be some new technological fix that help us deal with the unique problems of this era.

I was a little spooked by the placement of Neptune directly on the Descendant of this chart. Though strong by sign, the planet is unaspected. This makes this most mysterious of heavenly bodies a little more mysterious. However, I’ve decided to focus on the positive qualities of Neptune and see it as bringing us an increase in things like compassion, openness and spirituality. I may be wrong but, hey, it’s Christmas.

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