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The Age of Neptune

Ever since Neptune entered Pisces in 2012, and particularly after the planet moved into an opposition with natal Neptune in the horoscope for the United States, we’ve seen the boundaries between truth and fiction have become increasingly porous. This is something we have to expect with Neptune. Neptune always favors faith over facts. And for those faithful to Donald Trump this Age of Neptune seems set to take a dramatic new turn.

Trump is set to launch his own social media platform. It’s called “Truth Social.” We have to expect that the truths that this platform will carry will be the same supposed “truths” that got Trump kicked off Twitter. But that’s what the Age of Neptune is all about. “You have your truth. I have my truth. Who knows (or even cares) which is real?”

It is interesting that Donald Trump helped initiate this Age of Neptune back in 2013 when he was one of the primary promoters of the lie that Barack Obama was not born in the United States. Since then, this new era of flexible facts has proved to be quite kind to Donald Trump. This might have something to do with the fact that, in his natal horoscope, natal Mercury is square his natal Neptune. Trump entered the Age of Neptune with an innate understanding of how to manipulate the vagaries of this most slippery of planets.

Right now in Trump’s horoscope transiting Jupiter is opposed to his natal Mars. By the end of this month Jupiter will be conjunct his Descendant. This is an expansive time for Donald Trump. Even though his new company seemed to stumble out of the starting blocks and is being harassed by both hackers and federal investigators, it has become a magnet for investors. Billions are pouring into Trump’s new enterprise, just as you might expect with Jupiter active in his chart.

Of course, the other big transit in Donald Trump’s chart is the square aspect that transiting Neptune is making to his natal Sun and Moon. This aspect has been a major factor in the ex-president’s life throughout 2021 and its influence will continue through 2022. It’s no wonder that Donald Trump’s identification with the Age of Neptune has only increased since he left office.

Generally speaking, starting a new enterprise under a Neptune transit is a bad idea. Your expectations turn out to be illusionary and your big plans tend to fizzle under the harsh light of reality. However, in the Age of Neptune, we can’t expect such rules to hold firm. In the end, Donald Trump’s new media venture may fall flat, but its influence on what Americans regard as the truth is these last few years of the Age of Neptune could be much more important than its success or failure as a business.

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