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Astrology by MoonlightAstrology by Moonlight cover

It is not often that I come across an astrology book that presents a concept that is new to me. That’s why I was both surprised and pleased when I picked up “Astrology by Moonlight” by Tara Aal and Aswin Subramanyan. This book takes the phases of the Moon, which are based on the relationship between the Sun and the Moon (as seen from Earth) and extends them to all the planets. In other words, the distance between the Moon and Venus is described in terms that are more often applied to the distance between the Sun and Moon, such as New, Crescent, First Quarter and so on.

Using this technique, when the transiting Moon is between 135 and 180 degrees from transiting Venus the two are in a Gibbous and Waxing phase. When the Moon moves to 180 to 225 degrees from Venus their phase changes to the Full and Waning phase. Each of these phases has a different meaning that is derived from the way that the lunar phases have been interpreted for centuries, only now that reading is applied to Venus. These same phases can be applied to your natal chart and to your secondary progressed horoscope.

The authors provide a chapter explaining the Moon’s phases with each of the eight planets. The book is easy to use and the writing is solid and insightful. I also liked the fact that the two authors of “Astrology by Moonlight” come from different branches of the ever-expanding astrological tree. Subramayan comes out of the Indian or Vedic tradition while Aal practices western, evolutionary astrology. Their collaboration on this book shows that, beneath the sometimes dizzying variety of “astrologies” that are out there, much common ground still exists.

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