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Following the Moon: Nov. 19, 2021

Uranus didn’t let us down. It was a significant player in  the New Moon chart of Nov. 4 (click here to see the article and the chart) and it provided us with some striking events. The most prominent of these was the passage of the infrastructure bill.. On top of this we had the arrest of Steve Bannon. The idea that Congress would charge someone who so obviously holds that body in contempt with Contempt of Congress might not seem all that surprising, but in today’s political climate it is actually a very Uranian disruption of the status quo.

I had also said that the New Moon chart was not good for people in authority. Even though the infrastructure bill is historic in its scope, polls indicate that the American people are not impressed. It did nothing to improve Joe Biden’s dismal approval ratings and Democrats seem to be having trouble convincing their constituents of the bills importance.

The focus on the Seventh House in that New Moon chart indicated the possibility with a conflict with a foreign government. That didn’t happen, though concerns about China’s military buildup and Iran stockpiling enriched uranium are rumbling in the background. Also, I was fearful that the strength of Mars in that chart would bring us an outburst of violence. Though we certainly had some of that (after all, this is America), it was not at a remarkable level.

The chart for tomorrow’s Full Moon and lunar eclipse is not as startling as the last lunation but it still has some interesting features. The fact that the Sun and Moon occupy the Second and Eighth Houses seems to bring us out of the realm of politics and down to issues of material well-being. We could take the fact that the Sun and Moon are T-square Jupiter as describing holiday cheer, however it could also represent the rising level of inflation that is going to make everything we buy during this gift-giving season a little bit more costly.

Once again, Uranus is a significant player in the chart. It is in the Seventh House opposed to Mars in the First. This is a  more potent indicator of violence than what we saw in the last New Moon chart but, fortunately, Venus makes benefic aspects to both Mars and Uranus. This is hopefully an indicator that the tendencies toward extremism that come with both Uranus and Mars will be tamed by the calm, peace-loving influence of Venus.

The thing that worries me the most about this Full Moon chart is the placement of Pluto within a degree of the IC. Pluto’s influence can be oppressive and insidious. I see this as indicating that the pandemic will continue to hang over our heads during this holiday week, dampening our pleasure and casting a forbidding shadow over the family gathering that are so much a part of Thanksgiving Day. Fortunately, Pluto is also trine the Moon and sextile the Sun. This should guarantee that, even though COVID remains a threat, we will still find a way to enjoy the season.

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