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Mars, Uranus and the Moon! Oh My!MarsUranusMoon

One of the drawbacks of being an astrologer is what I call the “Doomsday Syndrome.” We see a particular configuration of the planets and automatically think of all the worst ways in which that aspect could manifest. We walk around with our jaw clenched expecting something absolutely awful to happen, which is very close to “wanting” something absolutely awful to happen, and that’s not a healthy outlook for anyone.

There are some aspects coming up in the week to come that could easily bring on the Domesday Syndrome. Transiting Mars will be opposed to transiting Uranus pretty much all week. Then the transiting Moon will be conjunct Uranus and opposed to Mars on Nov. 17 at around 10PM (EST). This is an explosive combination and it could be particularly troublesome for anyone with a personal planet (Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Sun or the Moon) at 12 degrees of a Fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.) People with their Ascendant or Midheaven at 12 degrees of a Fixed sign are also in the crosshairs of this aspect.

One such person is President Joe Biden. As I pointed out in a previous article, Biden is currently dealing with an opposition to his natal Mars (at 12 degrees of Scorpio) by transiting Uranus. This aspect by itself has a dual meaning. It can bring both amazing breakthroughs and tragic accidents. So far, Biden has mostly seen the former indication. He finally got his infrastructure bill passed. But with both transiting Mars and the Moon piling on, his luck could change drastically.

An opposition aspect is like a tug of war between two equally powerful teams. Neither side has the strength to win but they place an enormous amount of tension on the rope. And, in this analogy, you are the rope. That tension is particularly acute with this opposition. That’s because tension is intrinsic to the nature of Mars and Uranus. Mars creates tension because of its competitive, go-go-go nature, while Uranus creates tension because of its dissatisfaction with the status quo and penchant for disruption. The Moon acts as a trigger, focusing all this tension on our emotionality and day-to-day lives.

Tension is at the heart of just about every possible way that this aspect could manifest. Tension makes us short-tempered and argumentative. It distracts us, making us more prone to accidents and missteps. It creates stress, which can become a liability to both our mental and physical health, and it can make us too quick to give up on the tried and true and shoot off is new and perhaps dangerous directions.

Of course, another way this aspect can manifest is by simply making us tense. For many people impacted by this aspect a head full of worry and an unaccountable inability to relax could be the worse things they experience. This is why the Doomsday Syndrome often lead astrologers astray. Changes in our consciousness are not always reflected in changes in our physical circumstances.

On the other hand, people with placements around 12 degrees of Fixed signs would be well-advised to use extra caution in the coming days and particularly on Wednesday. Since the Moon aspect doesn’t happen until relatively late, many of us, including President Biden, should be at safely at home and possibly in bed when the opposition culminates. We might not get very much sleep. These hard aspects always extract a price but, considering everything else the Doomsday Syndrome can cook up, a sleepless night would be a bargain.

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