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Give and Take

Transits often come at us in bunches and sometime what one transit promises is contradicted by the meaning of another. To put that is biblical terms, “What one planet giveth, another taketh away.” A good example of how this works can be seen in what happened to President Joe Biden last week when he was being hit by transits from both Uranus and Neptune. (Click on Joe Biden to see his horoscope.)

Uranus can be cranky. You never really know if a Uranus transit is going to leave you jumping for joy or hobbling around in a cast. However, Uranus transits do often bring us important breakthroughs, breakthroughs that allow us to transcend obstacles and shatter expectations. The passage of the infrastructure bill represented one of those Uranian breakthroughs for Joe Biden.

Uranus is currently opposite Biden’s natal Mars. As I pointed out in a previous article, this configuration comes with a certain amount of danger. Explosive things happen when Uranus and Mars get together. The fact that Biden got the positive side of this transit a few days ago doesn’t necessary mean that he’s immune to that danger, Still, last week gave him reason to jump for joy.

The problem for President Biden is that, while Uranus is opposed to his Mars, transiting Neptune was lingering near his IC. The transits of Neptune, particular to important points in the horoscope like the Midheaven or IC, tend to obscure our accomplishments. They add the “Yeah, but” to those “Yay” moments. You can succeed under a Neptune transit, but getting the credit you deserve is often difficult.

If the infrastructure bill had been passed last summer, during the first pass of Uranus opposite Biden’s Mars things would have been very different. At that time, Neptune was not conjunct his IC. However, as I have pointed out many times, Biden has his Sun in the Twelfth House and, historically, U.S presidents born with this house placement of the Sun don’t get those kinds of breaks.

These aspects don’t diminish the important of the infrastructure bill. It is something that the nation badly needs. (You might remember that Donald Trump talked about a similar bill early in his administration.) Unfortunately, much of what the bill promises will take years to accomplish. Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s contribution to making it happen will be disappearing into a Neptunian fog.