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Following the Moon: Nov. 2, 2021GGAMoon

I said that the Full Moon Chart for Oct. 20 was a mixed bag and that has certainly been the case. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) On the one hand, the news about COVID-19 has mostly been good. Infection rates have generally declined and there have been positive movement with regard to vaccinations for children and new drugs that seem to alleviate the worst symptoms. Though a sigh of relief might be premature, the prominent placement of Venus in that Full Moon chart seems to have brought us a lessening of tension.

On the other hand, the power plays described by the big T-square in that chart were also evident. In Congress, progressive Democrats have been fighting with moderates. Former president Donald Trump has been fighting with the committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection, while current president, Joe Biden, is fighting to just to keep his head above water. Since the T-square is placed in succedent houses, these power plays have mostly involved nothing more than a lot of wolfing and shoving. However, we have to assume that all this noise had something to do with tilting Tuesday’s elections toward the Republicans.

The Full Moon chart may have been a mixed bag, but the New Moon chart for Nov. 4 (click on New Moon to see the horoscope) speaks to us in a definite and unequivocal tone. We have the Sun and Moon placed in angular houses. They form a nearly exact opposition to Uranus which is in the angular First House. Together, the Sun, Moon and Uranus form a wide T-square to Saturn in the angular Tenth House. This is a tense configuration with the potential for creating big changes.

One change might be the passage of Biden’s infrastructure bill and budget that are currently stalled in Congress. However, Uranus is capricious. It is brings both breakthroughs and disasters. The placement of Saturn in the Tenth House does not bode well for people in authority and, even though the squares to the Sun and Moon are wide. Saturn is also square Mars, which it strongly placed in Scorpio in the Seventh House.

My guess, is that whatever this New Moon chart brings us, there are going to be a lot of people in high places who are unhappy about the results. Also, since Mars is so strong in this chart and rules the Ascendant, there is a very definite potential for violence. This could be violence directed at people in authority (Mars square Saturn) or it could be violent actions that just add to their dismay.

We need to also consider the fact that the Seventh House is emphasized in this chart. This puts the spotlight on the relationship between the USA and other nations. The tension described by this New Moon chart could manifest as a worsening of the situation on our southern border or threats to U.S. interests in one of the many hot spots around the world.

Of course, once again, Uranus has a way of make fools of astrologers. Just when you’re gritting your teeth in expectation of something bad, it can hand you a bouquet of roses. However, despite this uncertainty, this chart remains definite about one thing. This should be a particularly interesting lunation period.

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