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Danger Time for Joe BidenBidenJoeImage

It’s been a rough year for Joe Biden. He started out with an ambitious program for rebuilding the country’s infrastructure and funneling more money into both social programs and environmentally conscious policies and now he’s struggling to get even the faintest shadow of those ambitious plans through Congress. If he doesn’t get a break pretty quick the first year of his administration is going to go down as a historic bust.

Astrologically speaking there are several reasons for Biden’s troubles. (Click on Joe Biden to see the horoscope.) First of all, as has been pointed out in previous articles, he’s working the handicap of having his Sun placed in the Twelfth House. U.S. presidents with this placement have always struggled. Secondly, the transits to Biden’s horoscope this year have been particularly onerous. Unfortunately, that situation is likely to get worse before it gets better.

One of the aspects that Biden has been dealing with this year is the opposition of his natal Mars by transiting Uranus in Taurus. The first pass of this configuration happened this summer, just around the time that it became evident that, thanks to the anti-vaxxer craze, Biden’s goal of getting 75 per cent of the country vaccinated was not going to be met. The second pass has already creeped to within a degree of exact and it will continue to be within that range until the beginning of December.

Transiting Uranus and transiting Saturn have been aspecting one another all year, so it’s only natural that the Uranus opposition to Biden’s natal Mars would be followed by a square by Saturn to that natal placement. The two aspects actually overlapped last summer. That won't happen this time. The Saturn square won’t be within a degree until Dec. 29. Still, it has to be considered a factor.

Another factor is the conjunction by transiting Neptune to Biden’s I.C. Neptune is currently moving retrograde within a degree of this point in Biden’s chart. The planet will turn direct before it reaches an exact conjunction, but it will remain within a degree for the rest of the year.

These transits are not necessarily “bad.” Uranus aspects in particular have a way of shaking up the status quo and forcing us to innovate. In this way they often bring us surprising breakthroughs. The problem with Uranus opposed to Mars, especially when it’s teamed with a Neptune aspect, is that it can also indicate accidents and physical injury. Biden’s Mars, like his Sun, is in the Twelfth House. This could be read has indicating the potential for physical limitations and impairment.This Uranus aspect could  be the catalyst that bring out that potential.

Of course, this is just one interpretation. There are several other possibilities. Some might be apparent to outside observers, others might not. Still, given the President’s age, any risk of physical injury (or violent attack, another possibility) has to be a matter of great concern.

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