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Following the Moon: Oct. 20, 2021GGAMoon

I expected more surprises out of the New Moon chart for Oct. 6. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) In fact, the only real surprise came the day of the New Moon, when Mitch McConnell suddenly changed course and allowed the Senate to apply a temporary fix to the debt limit crisis. That move definitely had the quirky earmarks of Uranus and the quincunx aspect but it only postponed the real confrontation until later in the year.

The most positive thing to come out of this lunation period was a notable decrease in the number of COVID infections and deaths. This was not necessarily a sudden change but it did give us all reason to hope. Of course, that news came with the startling reports of rising prices and a clogged supply chain.

I had mentioned that any change that came out of the New Moon chart would come out of conflict. We didn’t get much change but we did get plenty of conflict as liberals and conservatives wrangled over the infrastructure bill and the budget. We also got some Uranian defiance from people subpoenaed by the commission investigating the January 6 invasion of the U.S. Capitol.

The Full Moon chart for Oct. 20 is a mixed bag. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.) Once again we have Mars aspecting both the Sun and Moon, only this time these planets form a T-square to Pluto. Any time Mars and Pluto get together, particularly in a hard aspect like a square, violence is a possibility. Such aspects typically describe the use and abuse of power and when power is exercised, either by figures of authority or desperate individuals, there’s almost always someone who suffers.

On the other hand, we have Venus sitting in the First House of this chart, which is typically an indicator of peace and the relaxation of tension. The fact that Venus is quincunx Neptune, which is near the cusp of the Sixth House, might be taken as a clue that we will continue to see the pandemic recede during this next lunation. That would certainly bring us a relaxation of tension.

Another hopeful indicator in this chart is the placement of Mercury in the Tenth House and forming a benefic trine to Saturn. This could describe positive movement from our leadership, in this case, Congress. Mercury has to do with communication and deal-making and this may be exactly what is needed to break the deadlock over the infrastructure bill. The fact that Mars is trine Jupiter, the ruler of the chart, is also indicative of positive movement.

The trine between Mars and Jupiter might also be taken as an indication that the tension and powerplays described by the Pluto T-square will have a positive outcome. However, it could also manifest as two very different events. As I said, this chart is a mixed bag and what it is likely to bring us is a mixture of hope and tragedy.

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