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Following the Moon: Oct. 6, 2021

The Full Chart for Sept. 20 (click here to see the article and the chart) featured Pluto in the Tenth House of leadership. I predicted that this might spell trouble for Joe Biden, particularly on issues related to immigration and foreign enemies. Early in this lunation period the Biden administration was being roasted by both the left and the right for its handling of Haitian refugees on the Mexican border and, more recently, we’ve seen more missile tests in North Korea.

At the same time, I thought that positive aspects to Pluto by the Sun and Moon indicated some good news for Biden. This did not materialize. Though we did get a last minute deal to continue funding the government, the issue of raising the debt limit is still hanging over our heads. Meanwhile, the ambitious initiative Biden put forth last Spring to strengthen the nation’s infrastructure remains stymied in congress.

One thing about the Full Moon chart that I did get right was that there would be little change in the slow-rolling crisis that is the COVID-19 pandemic. Infection rates are still high, particularly in states where vaccination rates are low, and the death toll continues to increase.

The good news is that the New Moon chart for Oct. 6 (click on New Moon to see the chart) is very different from the last three or four lunation charts we've seen. In those charts the Sixth and Twelfth House were emphasized. In this one we and the New Moon in the First House conjunct the Ascendant. This chart seems to represents a new start, though it’s likely to be a very bumpy start.

The fact that the Sun and Moon are in an angular house and tightly aligned with Mars indicates that the next two weeks are going to be particularly active and that important things are going to happen. These events will have a lot to do with how we think about ourselves as a nation and the image we present to the world. The conjunction of Mars to the Sun and Moon could be taken as an indication of violence, but this not necessarily the case. However, it does indicate that competition and conflict will be factors. The fact that Mars, along with the Sun and Moon, are in Libra only means that the aggressiveness for which the red planet is noted will come at us in deceptive, underhanded ways.

What makes this triple conjunction even more remarkable is the fact that is quincunx Uranus. Uranus is the trickster planet and the quincunx is the trickster aspect. Together they promise surprises and sudden, unforeseen disruptions of the status quo. The fact that we also have Mercury in the First House of this chart and it is quincunx Neptune adds just one more layer to the weirdness we can expect from this lunation period.

Quincunx aspects knock us off balance but they lack the explosive power of square aspects. The one square in this New Moon chart is between Mercury in the First and Pluto, which is in the Fourth House of home. Since both planets are in angular houses the aspect is especially significant. I see it as applying to the pandemic. That status quo is unlikely to be disrupted, at least not during this lunation period. However, the connections to Neptune in the Sixth House of health by both Mercury and Pluto does offer some hope. This could come from further developments in the treatment of COVID, like the one that was touted last week.

Right now this country is facing a myriad of problems. I could go through a list of them and say how I expect this chart impact each one, but the basic nature of Uranus and the quincunx aspect is to defy expectations. What I can say is that I don’t expect this chart to brings a solution to any of these problems. What this chart promises, instead, is a serious shake up in the way we think about those problems.

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