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Rally Redux

On Sept. 18 supporters of former president Donald Trump are staging a rally in Washington D.C. We all remember what happened at the last such rally back on January 6, but the goal of this rally is to change that perception and paint the riot that occurred after the previous rally as peaceful protest and the participants as political prisoners.

It would seem that the organizers of the Sept. 18 rally must have hired an astrologer, because they couldn’t have picked a better day for their purposes. Mercury will be trine Neptune on the 18th, creating a benign atmosphere for spreading falsehoods, and Mars will be opposed to Uranus, an aspect that gives crazies everywhere permission to carry out their personal rebellions against the “system.”

The chart for Sept.18 gets even more interesting when we compare it the Sibly chart for the US. (Click on Sibly/Rally to see a double chart with the Sibly horoscope in the inner circle and a chart for noon on Sept. 18 on the outside.) What immediately stands out in this double chart is the fact that the Sun on Sept. 18 will be square the Moon in the Sibly chart. This gives us a strong hint that the events of next Saturday will have relevance to the nation.

There are a couple of important differences between the way the Sept. 18 chart relates to the US chart and the way the chart for Jan. 6 related to it. On Jan. 6, transiting Mercury was conjunct Pluto in the Sibly chart while transiting Pluto was opposed to the Sibly Mercury. On Sept. 18 Mercury will be in Scorpio where it’s only aspect to the US chart will a much less auspicious quincunx to the Sibly Mars. Pluto is still opposed to the US Mercury but the aspect is separating and not nearly as strong.

The Mars to Uranus opposition that is occurring on Sept. 18 is obviously worrisome, but its placement in relation to the US chart is somewhat reassuring. It is not at all prominent in the chart. It does connect with the Sibly Sun, which is important, but the aspects are a trine and a sextile, aspects that don’t typically result in confrontation or violence. Though this by no means precludes extreme actions by individuals, it does seem to argue against a repeat of the Jan. 6 debacle.

The connection between these two charts that worry’s me the most is the conjunction of transiting Saturn to the South Node of the Moon in the US chart. This aspect indicates that what happens on Sept. 18 is going to be somehow “fateful” with regard to the future of the United States. The truth is that Donald Trump’s childish snit about the validity of the 2020 election has convinced a third of this country’s population that they’ve been disenfranchised and cheated. To whatever extend the Sept. 18 reenforces that idea, it will certainly impact the fate of our democracy.

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