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The 9/11 Horoscope911 Image

The attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon that took place 20 years ago, on Sept. 11, 2001, took Americans by surprise. With the Cold War ended, the idea of an attack by a foreign enemy seemed farfetched to most of us. In retrospect, of course, it probably shouldn’t have. The pot of Islamic fundamentalism had been on the boil since the 1980s and the United States was always the most likely target when it finally overflowed.

This event also took a lot of astrologers by surprise. Again, in retrospect, it probably shouldn’t have. Looking back at a horoscope done for the time that the first plane hit the World Trade Center, the indicators of trouble are quite evident. (Click on 9/11 to see the horoscope.)

The feature in this chart that is most often talked about is the opposition of Saturn and Pluto. Hard aspects between Saturn and Pluto have a bloody history. At the beginning of World War I Saturn and Pluto were conjunct. At the beginning of World War II, the two planets were in a square aspect. Saturn and Pluto have formed hard aspects at other times in history without such dire results but given this history the aspect should have gotten more attention than it did.

Another warning sign in this chart was the fact that Mars was within a degree of a conjunction with the South Node of the Moon. At the time the hijackers passed through airport security in Portland, Maine, the Moon was within a degree of a conjunction with the North Node and opposed to Mars. All of this links the planet most associated with war with the points in the horoscope most often associated with fate.

Things get even more interesting when we compare the 9/11 chart with the Sibly horoscope for the United States. In that chart, the opposition between Saturn and Pluto takes place just a few degrees away from the Sibly Ascendant (at 10degree17 Sagittarius) and Descendant. Also, the 9/11 Mars and the South Node of the Moon are opposite Venus in the Sibly chart, transiting Mercury is conjunct the Sibly Saturn and Neptune is conjunct the Sibly South Node.

Of course, this is all hindsight. Knowing what we know now, all those alarming indicators are hard to miss but, previous to 9/11, they wouldn’t have carried nearly as much weight. Also, the opposition between Saturn and Pluto was separated by over two degrees. We typically expect these aspects to be most effective when they are within a degree. That would have been in July and August of 2001. As I recall, 8/11 was relatively uneventful.

Then there’s the fact that there have been many instances when Saturn and Pluto were in a hard aspect and we didn’t get an act of world-shaking violence. For example, there was a conjunction between these two planets in January 2020. There was no war, but we did a pandemic that has already killed more Americans than have died in any foreign conflicts. That’s the problem with predicting with astrology. The possibilities always outstrip our paltry imaginations

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