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Following the Moon: Sept. 6, 2021GGAMoon

This past lunation period has been particularly dismal, with a rising tide of COVID infections overwhelming our hospitals and the sinking of Afghanistan into a 12th Century hell. All of this was described in the Full Moon chart for Aug. 22. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) In my analysis of that chart I said that there might be events in Afghanistan that would increase the heat on the Biden administration. We saw that on Aug 27 with the bombing at the Kabul airport.

Of course, there was much I didn’t mention in that article, such as hurricanes creating havoc in the eastern part of the country while wildfires ravished the west. Also, I didn’t discuss the new regulations on abortions passed by the Texas legislature. But these events have a lot to do with what I thought was the overall theme of that Full Moon chart, our identity as a nation, specifically, how we relate as a nation to the evidence of climate change and human rights.

The New Moon chart for Sept. 6 (click on New Moon to see the chart) also places emphasis on the Sixth House of health, indicating that the pandemic will once again dominate our attention. With schools and colleges beginning in-person sessions across the country, infections are likely to increase beyond the record numbers we’ve already seen. The fact the Sun and Moon are both trine Uranus does give us hope of a change in direction. Maybe the slight uptick in vaccinations that we’ve been seeing will become a giant wave that will allow us to finally get this thing under control.

However, the Sun and Moon aren’t really the focal point of this chart. Instead it’s Mars, which is also in the Sixth House, that is getting all the attention. Mars is opposed to Neptune, quincunx Jupiter, trine Pluto and semi-sextile Venus. Neptune represents the insidious and random nature of the infections, Jupiter (as it has in past three or four lunation charts) represents increase and Pluto (in the Tenth House of authority) represents the restrictions that are being placed on unvaccinated people by various agencies and businesses. That leaves us with Venus, which makes the weakest aspect and represents sympathy and, maybe, a glimmer of hope.

That’s one way of looking at Mars in this chart. There is another. If we consider abortion a health issue it would also be a Sixth House matter and this configuration with combative Mars could describe reactions to the Texas abortion law. The controversy over this law is likely to continue, particularly as other states seek to copy it. With our war in Afghanistan ended, we could find ourselves in the midst of a different kind of war over abortion rights.

We also need to talk about Pluto in this New Moon chart. It is placed in the Tenth House which typically has to do with out leadership and, along with its trine to Mars, it is square Venus. Venus is strongly placed in an angular house and a sign (Libra) that it rules. I see this as describing more dissatisfaction with the Biden administration. This could come from the right, because of the situation in Afghanistan or from the left, because of the federal government’s inability to protect abortion rights. It could also be a combination of both. In any case, this is not going to be a great two weeks for Joe Biden.

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