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Following the Moon: Aug. 22, 2021

I had predicted that the New Moon for Aug. 8 would bring us shocking events or a surprising death. In a way, we got both with the sudden demise of the US backed, secular government of Afghanistan. (Click here to see that article and the chart.) I also said that, because of the placement of the Sun and Moon in the chart done for Washington D.C. this event would not directly impact the US. (Click here to see what the New Moon chart for Kabul was like.)

This New Moon chart also promised that the resurgence of the pandemic would continue to grow. That has certainly happened with hospitals in many states reporting an overflow of desperate patients. I noted that it would be an emotional lunation and the images of those sick people and the frantic crowds in Afghanistan chasing after planes have certainly pulled at our collective heart strings.

The chart for the Full Moon on Aug. 22 (click on Full Moon to see the chart) places the Moon in the Sixth House of health where it is conjunct Jupiter. In the past couple of lunations there have been connections between Jupiter and either the Sun and Moon or the Sixth House. Each was followed by a fearsome uptick in COVID infections, hospitalizations and deaths. There’s no reason to believe that is configuration will be any different. Jupiter promises “more,” but it doesn’t have to be more of something we want.

Of course, it could also be more of something good. There are reports of more people getting vaccinated because of the resurgence of infections. That’s good news for us all, since the key to getting this pandemic under control is having a large proportion of the population vaccinated.

Despite the rather weak placements of the Sun and Moon, this Full Moon chart is actually quite dynamic. Mercury is conjunct the Ascendant of the horoscope and it is conjunct Mars, opposed to Neptune and trine Uranus. All this energy focused on the ascending degree indicates that what we'll be paying attention to during this next lunation period will be our national identity.

The truth is that, as horrendous as the images and stories coming out of Afghanistan are, support for our continued presence in that country has been waning for some time. The fact that the decision to leave was made by Republicans and carried out by Democrats shows that it had (unlike just about everything else in America) bipartisan support. Now, of course, each side is blaming the other for what they both knew was going to happen.

That’s the Neptunian side of this configuration. The influence of Mars and Uranus is reflected in the intensity of this invective. This is likely to continue throughout this lunation period and we are likely to see events that, either directly or indirectly, as fuel to this fire. The Biden administration will no doubt feel the heat, but what’s really going on has little to do with our leadership. It is coming out of a nation searching its soul and redefining its place in the world.