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Following the Moon in KabulAfghan Flag 1

When I do my analysis of the Full and New Moon charts I set the chart for Washington D.C. The idea is that a chart for a nation’s capital will reflect changes that will impact that nations during the two week period after the lunation. When I did the chart for the New Moon on Aug. 8, I predicted that there would be dramatic changes but that the position of the Sun and Moon in the chart set for Washington indicated that it would not have a drastic effect on the United States.

Of course, we have seen some drastic changes during the past two weeks and, though the United States was very much involved in the events, the country itself was not particularly bothered. Those changes were taking place in Afghanistan where the withdrawal of US troops opened the way for the Taliban to take over the country. That take over, which US intelligence thought would take at least 30 days, has happened in a little over one week.

This is obviously a great tragedy for freedom in Afghanistan. It is fearful to think about what life is going to be like in that country, particularly for women and the generation that has grown up under the US occupation. I don’t want to, in anyway, make light of that. Still, I couldn’t help thinking about what the New Moon chart for Aug. 8 would look like if I set it for Kabul. (Click on Kabul New Moon to see the horoscope.)

There are two major differences between this chart and the one set for Washington D.C. First of all the Sun and Moon fall in the angular Seventh House. We could interpret that as symbolizing the ending of Afghanistan’s relationship with the United States but what’s really important here is that the Sun and Moon are in an angular house and close to the Descendant. This marks this as a chart that foretells important events.

This completely changes the significance of the square to the Sun and Moon by Uranus. In this chart, all the chaos and disruptive energy of Uranus is released. It describes major changes and a dramatic upset of the status quo. Were Afghanistan a stable country with a strong government, those changes would still have been substantial but, of course, it is not. So the disruption brought down it entire government.

The other significant difference between this chart and the New Moon chart for the US is the fact that here we have Saturn placed just a little over a degree away from the Ascendant. The Ascendant can be taken to symbolize the people, the “you” in this chart and Saturn represents a harsh and judgmental authority. The fact that Saturn is in Aquarius only makes the arrival of the authority more dreadful. We have a tendency to connect Aquarius with humanism and tolerance, but Aquarius is a Fixed sign an its strict adherence to doctrine and principles can sometime be most inhuman and cruel.

This lunation chart doesn’t actually predict the fall of Kabul to the Taliban but it does predict that keeping such a thing from happening would require a great effort and a protracted fight. The rapid advance of the Taliban military strongly indicates that the government there was unable to put forth that effort. During the next few weeks, in the United States, there will much finger-pointing and speechifying over this event. It will be a tough time for Joe Biden and his administration. But these troubles will be minuscule compared to what will be happening in Kabul.


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