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Rand Paul’s Saturn Return

Somebody needs to bake Rand Paul a cake. I know. It’s not his birthday but this is the year that the junior Senator from Kentucky is having his second Saturn Return and if there’s any time in our lives when we could use a thick slice of sweet, chocolatey goodness it’s during our second Saturn Return. (Click on Rand Paul to see a partial horoscope done for noon on his date of birth.)

First Saturn Returns happen when we’re somewhere between 28 and 30 years old. They typically represent the point in our lives when we fully take on the role of “adult.” That can take many forms, like assuming more responsibility at work, getting married, buying a house or having a child. Each of us has our own definition of what it means to be a “grown-up” and the first Saturn Return is the time when we either get the opportunity to take that big step or it is forced upon us.

Second Saturn Returns are different. They occur during middle age when, typically, the course of our lives has already been established and we are burdened with commitments and obligations. During the second Saturn Return we have to reevaluate those commitments and the choices behind them. This can lead to what’s called a “midlife crisis” in which we either repudiate those choices or become obsessed with proving them correct.

Rand Paul’s choice was to adopt his father’s radical, libertarian views. Those views have made him one of the most vocal critics of the restrictions imposed due the COVID-19 pandemic in general and of Dr. Anthony Fauci in particular. The two doctors (Paul is an ophthalmologist) have butted heads multiple times during Senate hearings. (The are also both Capricorns) The last time was in July when transiting Saturn’s conjunction to Paul’s natal Saturn was nearly exact.

The aspect was still pretty close last week when it was revealed that Rand Paul’s wife had purchased stock in a company that manufactures anti-viral drugs. This occurred back in Feb. 2020, when the severity of the pandemic was apparent only to a few people in the medical community and some Washington insiders. However, contrary to Senate rules, the purchase was not reported until very recently. A lot of people say this smacks of insider trading.

It remains to be seen how this revelation will impact Paul’s bid to be reelected in 2022. It’s worth noting that another Senate Republican, Kelly Loeffler, who made similar stock purchases in 2020 was defeated in the 2020 election. As far as his opposition to COVID restrictions and the vaccine, however, this is likely to appeal to many of Paul's constituents. Trump did very well in Kentucky and even though Paul’s libertarian views have nothing to do with Trumpism, they do echo the ex-president’s talking points. Of course, considering the way the Delta variant is spreading through the unvaccinated, some of those Trump votes may not be around in 2022.

Saturn is currently moving away from Paul’s natal Saturn but the conjunction will repeat one last time in Dec. 2021. This could mean that there will be further developments in the insider trading scandal or some other challenge to Paul’s libertarian ideology. Saturn Returns bring judgment. We don’t have to accept that judgment, but bad things tend to happen when don’t. That’s why a nice slice of Saturn Return cake is good thing to have around.

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