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Following the Moon: Aug. 8, 2021

In my article on the Full Moon on July 23 (click here to see the article and the chart) I predicted that our attention would be diverted from the reemergence of the pandemic by some sort of scandal. The allegations of sexual harassment against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the State Justice Department’s findings on that matter certainly fit that bill. We also had the Olympics and the controversy surrounding Simone Biles’ withdrawal from key events. There have been plenty of Neptunian diversions during this lunation cycle even as the infection rate of COVID-19 continued to grow.

I was wrong about one thing. I didn’t see much hope that the trine by Neptune on the Ascendant of the Full Moon chart to Mercury would bring us a positive change. In fact, there has been a rise in the number of people getting vaccinated. It may be too little too late, but it is something. Meanwhile, the opposition between Mercury and Pluto in that chart brought more obstruction from Republican governors and lawmakers who seem to feel that health care is secondary to politics.

The New Moon chart for Aug. 8 (click on New Moon to see the horoscope) places the Sun and Moon in the Eleventh House. This is not generally a strong placement and it would typically not be considered an indicator of explosive events. However, the Sun and Moon are square disruptive Uranus. Uranus is associated with sudden, shocking changes. Since Uranus is in the Eighth House, these shocking developments could involve finance or possibly the sudden and surprising death of someone in the news.

With the continued spread of the Delta variant, it is only natural that we look at the Sixth House health. This chart places two planets in that sector, Jupiter and Neptune, both of which make stressful aspects to the ruler of the Ascendant, Mercury. As I said in my last FTM article, Jupiter always promises “more” but it doesn’t have to be more of something we like. In this case it seem to tell us that we are going to see infection rates continue to rise among the unvaccinated and more COVID related restrictions.

The thing about this New Moon chart that most intrigues me is the opposition between Venus and Neptune. The planets are weak by placement, in the late degrees of the Sixth and Twelfth Houses, and Venus is in Virgo, not its favorite sign. Still the intense emotionalism of this aspect is striking. It seem to describe a particularly emotional lunation period in which our feelings will overwhelm our rational minds.

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