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A Bad Progression for Andrew CuomoCuomoAimage

We don’t have a time of birth for Andrew Cuomo. (Click on Cuomo to see a chart done for noon on his date of birth.) For this reason I was not all that surprised when I looked at his chart back in February, when the investigation by the New York State Attorney General into allegations of sexual harassment began and saw no “big” aspects. Without a time of birth we are deprived of several important pieces of information about Cuomo’s horoscope. Without those missing pieces no real judgment of the chart can be made.

Today the Attorney General’s office released findings of multiple incidents of sexual harassment from multiple women. The situation with Cuomo’s partial natal charge does reflect this development, at least somewhat. Transiting Mars is conjunct his natal Pluto, an aspect that typically brings us a day or so when we feel overwhelmed. Also, the Sun is conjunct his natal Uranus, an aspect that often brings surprising revelations and a disruption of our preconceptions. However, without a heavier, long-term aspect to back them up, the influence of these relatively short-term aspects should have been minimal.

That was definitely not the case, with everyone from his many accusers to the President of the United States crying for Cuomo to resign. Obviously, there are other transits at work here involving factors we can’t see in a partial horoscope, like the Ascendant, Midheaven or the precise placement of the Moon. However, we do get a clue about what’s going on when we look at the secondary progressions to Cuomo’s partial chart.

In Cuomo’s secondary progressed chart the progressed Sun is square natal Mars. This typically does coincide with a period of trial and hardship. Secondary progression often reflect issues in the natal horoscope that have been left unresolved. In Cuomo’s natal chart Venus is square Neptune, indicating that he has trouble recognizing social boundaries, particularly with regard to women. This is an intrinsic problem that has been with Cuomo for a long time. The secondary progression has brought it to the forefront, but we would also expect there to be a powerful transit coinciding with that progressed aspect.

The good thing about secondary progression is that they invite us to grow, to overcome what’s “bad” about our natal aspects and convert that energy into an asset. Andrew Cuomo’s current posture of “deny, deny, deny” is not conducive to that kind of growth. Of course, this might also have to do with the transit that we can’t see.

The other good thing about secondary progressed aspects is that they last a long time. A progressed Sun aspect, like the one Cuomo is dealing with, will be in effect for a year or more. This gives us time to adjust to the situation and make changes. Regardless of the transits that are currently influencing his horoscope, that’s what Andrew Cuomo is going to need to do in the coming month.

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