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Neptune Symbol
The Many Faces of Neptune

Every astrological indicator, every sign, planet, house, etc., can have multiple meanings. However, no factor in the horoscope can match the range of differences that we see with Neptune. Neptune is often related with profound spiritual insights but it is just as often associated with escapist trash. A transit by this planet might, on the one hand, promise awesome flights of imagination and creativity and on the other cruel deceptions.

Recently we’ve seen some rather dramatic demonstrations of this range of possibilities. A few day ago I wrote about the influence transiting Neptune was having on Simone Biles as it closed in on a conjunction with her natal Sun. I described how Neptune can dissolve the boundaries of self, opening up the ego to doubt and uncertainty. That Neptunian doubt caused Biles to pull out of several competitions in the Tokyo Olympics.

Then Biles encountered another face of Neptune. It is often difficult to explain to other people why we do what we do when Neptune is active in our charts. It’s personal. It’s psychological. Often, it’s spiritual and it doesn’t lend itself to a clear, rational description. Some people decided that Biles’ explanation for her decision to withdraw was just a cover for cowardness and a lack of will. Being misunderstood and having our actions misjudged is also a feature of Neptune.

Neptune rules the sign of Pisces and the fact that Biles is a Pisces by Sun sign probably makes her a little more sensitive to the planets movements. As I pointed out in my article, Neptune is currently moving retrograde away from her Sun. I thought that, as this movement continues, Biles might feel Neptune’s influence lessening and be able to return to her past form. That has apparently happened. Biles has announced that she will compete in the balance beam competition.

The other face of Neptune that we’ve been seeing a lot of lately has to do with Donald Trump. Since January he has been dealing with Neptune squaring both his Sun and his Moon. In this instance it has been the deceptive side of Neptune, the side that obscures and dissembles, that dominates.

On one level, Trump’s claim that the November 2020 election was “rigged” sounds like the plaintive whine of a painfully insecure individual. On another, it resembles a classic “long con” in which a great truth or resolution is promised but it’s arrival is constantly being postponed so that more money can be drawn from the unsuspecting “mark.” However, some of the details that have recently come out about Trump’s behavior during is last days in office have caused me to think that the ex-president actually believes the “Big Lie” that he’s constantly telling.

Neptune’s great gift is to help us shut down our rational mind and focus on our feelings and our spiritual yearnings. However, there are moments when Neptune does too good a job of putting rationality to sleep, when the non-rational becomes the irrational and we get lost in a wish-fulfilling cloud of delusion. This seems to be where Donald Trump is right now, and with him much of the Republican Party.

Simone Biles is actually just getting started with her Neptune transit. It’s going to continue to be a factor in her life until the Spring of 2023. We can hope that some of the more positive manifestations of Neptune will come her way during this period. Donald Trump will be under Neptune’s thumb until the end of 2022. I would like to think that he could move on to some of the good things Neptune can bring us, but he seems to be stuck on one note. Of course, Neptune also has to do with scandal and with deceptions uncovered and the court cases currently bubbling in the background of Trump’s life could, in the near future, introduce him to those other faces of this quirky planet.

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