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Simone BalesBilesSimoneImage

The news that the American gymnast Simone Biles withdrew from the final day of the team gymnastic competition at the Tokyo Olympics came as a shock to a lot of people. Biles had received a great deal of attention from the press in the months leading up to the Olympics and she is probably the most well-known athlete on the entire U.S. roster. Everyone expected her to be the star of this year’s Olympics.

Her withdrawal came after a stumble in an earlier round of the competition. The official explanation for the decision hinted at a health issues. I don’t necessarily doubt this claim, but her horoscope provides us with a different story. (Click on Simone Biles to see the chart.) (The time of birth used here has been apparently floating around on the internet. I don’t particularly trust it but for this analysis the time is not crucial.)

The chart features a trine between Mars and Neptune. This is certainly an appropriate aspect for a gymnast, combing the strength and athlete prowess of Mars with the artistry of Neptune. If this time is correct, her Moon is early Gemini and forms a Grand Trine with Mars and Neptune. This would also be appropriate. However, what interests me about this horoscope is the placement of the Sun at 23 degree of Pisces. It so happens that Neptune in currently transiting Pisces and is close to an exact conjunction to Biles’ natal Sun.

When Neptune conjoins with our natal Sun the boundaries the contain our sense of self become porous. What comes into our consciousness through those porous boundaries can sometime spark periods of amazing creativity, but it can also cloud our judgement and leave us vulnerable to other people’s lies and deception. More important, Neptune’s influence can cause us to doubt our preconceived notions of who we are, where we stand and what we can do. For someone in a competitive situation this kind of self-doubt can be devastating.

Biles’ comments to the press strongly indicated that she is having a Neptune moment. She admitted that she felt the pressure of all the expectations that have been placed on her shoulders. This has apparently caused Biles to doubt herself. The good news is that Neptune is moving retrograde and the aspect to her Sun will weaken in the coming days. There are still individual competitions in which Biles could show her star power. Hopefully, as this conjunction separates, she will her find a way around this Neptune moment and reestablish her mastery of her sport

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