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Following the Moon: July 23, 2021

The New Moon chart for July 9 (click here to see the article and the chart) had the Sun and Moon placed in the Sixth House of health and, true to form, the big news for this lunation period was the ominous increase in COVID-19 infections and deaths, particularly among people who are not vaccinated. To understand why people aren’t vaccinated we have to look at the square between Mercury and Neptune in that New Moon chart. Mercury is information. Afflicted by Neptune it is information that is based on fantasy and delusion.

My main concern about the New Moon chart was the T-square with Saturn opposed to Venus and Uranus square both. I feared that the country could be drawn into some foreign conflict. (Venus in the Seventh House.) I still held out hope that positive aspects to Uranus, at the peak of that T-square, by the Sun and Moon would help us avoid that eventually. It did. I also think that the fact that Venus occupied one arm of the T-square softened its destructive potential.

We might be encouraged by the fact that the Full Moon chart for July 23 (click on Full Moon to see the chart) places the Sun and Moon in the axis of the Fifth and Eleventh Houses and not in the sickly Sixth. However, the Sixth House is still a big issue in this chart. Venus and Mars are placed there and they are both opposed to Jupiter in the Twelfth. Jupiter represents increase. Typically, getting more is seen as a good thing but here what we could be getting more of is illness. The fact that Jupiter is also quincunx the Sun is another indication that the bounty it represents might not be one that we welcome.

Pluto is also a factor in this chart. It is quincunx Mars and widely conjunct the Moon and opposed to the Sun. Pluto represents forces over which we have no control and it is slowly becoming evident that just having half of the nation vaccinated against the virus is not sufficient to give us control over this pandemic. I also see Pluto in this chart as guaranteeing that the political wrangling over the infrastructure bill, Biden’s spending bill and the investigation into Jan.8 will drag on in Congress, but that’s hardly news.

The real star of this Full Moon horoscope, however, is Neptune. It is strongly placed near the Ascendant and forms a tight trine with Mercury. I wish I could say that this positive aspect means that the veil of delusion will be lifted from the eyes of all those unvaccinated people in the country but it’s probably going to take more than one good aspect to do that. Instead, I think that we will be diverted from our worries about COVID-19 and the Delta Variant during this lunation period by a some tragedy or scandal that is not so close to home. Since we have the Sun and Mercury in the Fifth House this could involve someone from the entertainment industry, or it could just be an entertaining scandal. In any case, it will not get us any closer to solving the real problems that we face.