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A Baby, Baby Boom

One of the few positive things that was expected to come out of 2020 was a bounty of babies. Trapped in their houses and apartments, it was thought that couples would have more sex and possibly more sex without birth control. The result would be a baby boom nine months later. Given that the birthrate in the US and Western Europe has long been in decline, this was seen as a good thing.

Generally, however, the experts who proposed that theory last Spring have been disappointed. The birthrate has not increased. Apparently, economic uncertainty coupled with all those great shows on Netflix messed up the equation. But one hospital in Texas that is bucking the trend. The Baylor, Scott and White All Saints Women’s Hospital in Fort Worth recorded 107 births between June 24 and June 28. I thought it might be fun to go over the astrological indicators that these infants will all share.

Sun in Cancer – They will be an emotional crew, sensitive, empathetic and probably a bit too attached to their mothers.

Moon in either Capricorn or Aquarius – The first batch, (born on the 24th and 25th ) will tend to be ambitious and practical. They will not want to share their toys. The second batch (born between the 26th and 28th) will be thoughtful, idealistic and likely to be bullied by the first batch.

Mercury in Gemini – They will be quick thinkers, with a keen sense of humor and a mouth that will often get them into trouble.

Venus in Cancer – Most will have this placement. They will be sentimental and prone to long-term, slightly obsessive attachments. The ones born on June 28th will have Venus in Leo. They will be seen by their loved ones by appointment only.

Mars in Leo – This is placement they share with one of our former Presidents. They will be a competitive group. They will win much of time and when they don’t they will declare that the contest was “rigged.”

Jupiter in Pisces – This adds to the empathic and intuitive qualities of the Sun in Cancer. It’s also a good reason to hide the liquor.

Saturn in Aquarius – Overall, this will be a very serious group. They will assume they know more that adults and adults will be hard-pressed to prove otherwise.

Uranus in Taurus – Rebellion for this group will mostly consist of buying new furniture and switching banks.

Neptune in Pisces – These children are part of generation of visionaries. Hopefully, they will be able to envision a way out of the mess the older generations have left them.


– On their way to envisioning a way out of this mess, we can’t expect this generation to judge their elders too kindly. Don’t count on them visiting you at the nursing home.

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