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Fourth of July Image
Looking Back at the Furious Fourth

Last week I predicted that the planetary configurations that were occurring on and around the Fourth of July were particularly worrisome. We had the long-term square between Saturn and Uranus being activeated by hard aspects from both Mars and the Moon. Thankfully, the destructive potential of these aspects didn’t show itself in any major world events, but it apparently did manifest in a whole lot of smaller tragedies.

Yesterday CNN reported that 400 incidents of gun violence occurred in the United States during the holiday weekend and that they resulted in 150 deaths. The number of wounded was not cited. No area of the country seemed to be immune. The locations of the shootings ranged from an inner city park in Cincinnati to a suburban golf course in Georgia. And the victims included all sorts of Americans.

Of course, that was just in the United States. Outside the US we had a giant fireball in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico and the leader of China making an alarmingly belligerent speech. There was also increased tension between Russia and the Western powers in the Black Sea near Crimea. However, the statistics quoted by CNN standout because they don’t involve either politics or forces of nature. They come out of very human and very personal feelings like anger, fear and desperation.

Configurations like the ones we had last weekend are important because they turn up the pressure in every horoscope of every person on this planet. For people who have placements near the degree of the zodiac where these transits are occurring, that pressure can be irresistible. Maybe you deal with this pressure by arguing with your spouse or breaking your controller during a particularly intense session of Mortal Combat. Or maybe, if someone really pisses you off and you have a gun handy, . . .

This is not to say that having these aspects impacting your horoscope is an excuse for bad behavior. They just make the choice to behave badly more enticing. It seems right because you are following the planetary flow of that moment in time. It’s only when you see the results of your actions that you realize where that flow is taking you. That’s when you take a step back and maybe apologize. Unfortunately, in some cases an apology is not enough. We have 150 such incidents last weekend.

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