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Biden’s Saturn and Uranus Tour

I have to admit I was a little nervous when Joe Biden set out of his trip to Europe, with stopovers for the G-7, tea with the Queen and a summit with Vladimir Putin. I was nervous because right now both transiting Saturn and Uranus, which square one another in the sky, are both making hard aspects to President Biden’s natal Mars. A transit by either of these planets can be challenging. Getting both at the same time typically signals a very difficult period.

With that in mind, I was actually pleased with the somewhat lackluster outcome of this trip. No, the G-7 meeting didn’t bring us a major breakthrough on climate change and, yes, the summit with Putin was more about each leader taking stock of the other than anything substantial but, considering the damaging potential of these two transits in Biden’s chart, I’ll take it.

Of course, when we consider what’s waiting for Joe Biden once he gets back to Washington, this European tour might seem like a vacation. The situation on our border with Mexico remains a crisis, the deadly duo of Manchin and McConnell seem posed to slap down any progressive legislation that enters the Senate and we’re averaging a mass shooting every 24 hours. Reestablishing America’s place in the international community might be the easiest part of Joe Biden’s job.

Biden has at least a bit of an advantage with these two transit. Mars in his chart is strongly placed by sign. (Click on Joe Biden to see his horoscope.) It is in Scorpio, a sign it rules in traditional astrology. Mars makes no strong aspects in Biden's horoscope which means that its influence is, to a degree, isolated within the total structure of the chart. We might see this as limiting the disruptive influence of the transits of Uranus and Saturn.

Also, Mars in Biden’s chart is placed in the Twelfth House (using the Koch house system). The Twelfth House is more about deep psychological and spiritual issues than politics. The fact that Biden is an old man with a long ledger of life experiences could serve him well under this dual transit. It should help him deal with both the self-questioning that might arise with Saturn square his natal Mars and self-defeating restlessness of Uranus opposed to Mars.

On the other hand, Mars always relates strongly to physical activity and physical energy. Uranus opposed to Mars describes actions that are extreme and erratic while Saturn square Mars is associated with a sapping or impeding of energy and physical activity. Accidents, falls and other physical mishaps are all likely with this combination. Joe Biden is probably one of the most “looked after” people on the planet and, for a man his age, he is remarkably healthy and active but during the next four weeks or so that could change radically.

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