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Following the Moon: June 10, 2021

I had hoped that the prominence of Jupiter in the May 26 Full Moon and eclipse chart would help renew our optimism. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) Certainly, as it becomes more and more apparent that we are exiting the darkest days of the pandemic, that has been the case. However, I also warned that the way that Mars was intertwined with the Sun and Moon indicated that there would be no relief from the gun violence that has plagued us for so long. Unfortunately, that also turned out to be true.

The other thing that concerned me about the Full Moon chart was the placement of Neptune in the Tenth Housesquare Mercury and Venus. Neptune muddies the waters and gives us false hopes. We’ve seen evidence of this in the way that the initiatives of the Biden administration have been stymied by opposition in the Senate and the conviction of some Republicans that if you count the same votes enough times the results of the 2020 election will be different.

I wish I could say that the chart for the New Moon and eclipse on June 10 offers a different picture but, in fact, that chart is very similar to the May 26 horoscope in many ways, and the ways that it is different aren’t exactly comforting. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.)

Once again we have Neptune in the Tenth House, only this time it is square the Sun and Moon which are in the Twelfth. Washington (as symbolized by the Tenth House) will continue to be a morass in which good intentions are bound to get stuck and the delusional rabbit hole that the so many people in the Republican Party have gone down (symbolized by the Twelfth House) is likely to get deeper and deeper.

The striking difference between this chart and the May 26 chart is the opposition of Mars and Pluto. This aspect was rather wide on May 26, but here is it much closer to exact and it occurs in the Second/Eighth House axis (in the Placidus House system I’m using here). We might think that this is indicative of financial issues and debts come due, however both the Eighth House and Pluto have to do with obsessive beliefs and the opposition to Mars links that obsessional thinking to violence.

What makes this Mars to Pluto opposition so alarming is the fact that the Saturn square to Uranus is also very close in this chart. In fact, it will complete during this lunation period. In this horoscope, which is set for Washington D.C., the disruptive potential of this square involves the Ninth and Eleventh Houses, the two most political sectors of the chart. Explosive actions and reactions involving political issues are likely to dominate the news during this lunation period.

However, there is some good news in this chart. Venus occupies the First House and is close to the Ascendant. Venus is not particularly strong by sign placement and its only aspect is a weak and unhelpful sextile to Uranus but, still, its placement in the First seems to promise that the explosions of ill-will that we are likely to see during this lunation period will be somehow brought to a peaceful resolution. Let’s hope Venus keeps that promise.

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