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We’ve had some fun rectifying the horoscopes of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, but what’s the use of having such charts (speculative though they are) if we don’t also consider the event that is most associated with both of these men. That is the duel they fought on July 11, 1804 in Weehawken, New Jersey. (Click on Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr to see the speculative horoscopes.)

In terms of American history, this meeting of two of our founding fathers was not all that significant. Both Hamilton and Burr were both more or less spent as political factors by this time in their careers. Still, the mixture of fame and violence has fixed this duel in the public memory in a way that the more historic events of that period never will.

First, let’s compare the horoscopes of the two combatants. (Click here to see a double chart with Aaron Burr’s speculative horoscope in the middle and Hamilton speculative horoscope in the outside ring.)
The most noticeable thing about this double chart seems to confirm my rectification of Burr’s horoscope. Hamilton’s Pluto is directly on the Midheaven of Burr’s chart. Pluto represents a blockage and Aaron Burr had every reason to see Alexander Hamilton as blocking his career. When Burr and Thomas Jefferson were tied in the 1800 presidential election, Hamilton was instrumental in giving the edge to Jefferson. Then, in the 1803 race for governor of New York, Hamilton did all he could to see that Burr was defeated.

Of course, Pluto is a slow moving planet and a lot of people born in 1755 would have Pluto on Burr’s Midheaven. However, there is a second connection that is much more specific. In the speculative chart I’ve done for Alexander Hamilton (with the birth year of 1755) his Mars in Sagittarius is placed directly opposite the Gemini Mars in Aaron Burr’s horoscope. It is as if these two men were destined to fight.

Now let’s look at the transits that were impacting the two horoscopes on July 11, 1804. It is interesting that there are no major transits to Burr’s chart on this day. The duel was not a life-changing event for him. However, there was plenty of Mars action. Transiting Mars at 29 Taurus was exactly semi-sextile both his natal Mars (at 29 Gemini) and his natal Moon (at 29 Aries). Also, transiting Mercury was conjunct Burr’s natal Mars. Burr entered the duel full of anger and ready to do violence.

If you don’t know how this duel turned out, one look at Hamilton’s chart should make it painfully clear. Transiting Saturn, which is in the Tenth House of this speculative chart, was square Hamilton’s natal Mars in the First House. Any time Saturn squares Mars in a horoscope events that cause injury and physical pain are likely. Risky behavior should be avoided. Moreover, in traditional astrology the First House is associated with the body. While Hamilton’s shot (either intentionally or unintentionally) missed Burr, Burr’s bullet hit Hamilton in the lower abdomen, just above the hip. He died of this wound the next day.


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