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Paul Ryan and the Saturn Uranus Square

Historically speaking, angular aspects between transiting Saturn and Uranus, like the one we’re now experiencing, have been a mixed bag. When these aspect have occurred in the past conflicts between the necessity for change and the need for stability have erupted in various places around the globe, but there is no consistency as far as which side won. Sometimes we got a major disruption of the status quo and sometimes the status quo quashed the revolution.

In the United States I see this conflict between Saturn and Uranus and the old and the new in what’s been happening to the Republican Party since Donald Trump lost the 2020 election. The old Republican Party, as represented by people like Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney, is giving way to the new Party of Donald Trump. In this case, Uranus and disruption seems to be winning the battle.

But the forces of Saturn are still out there. Yesterday, former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who retired from politics after Trump was elected, gave a speech at the Ronald Reagan Library in which he drew a clear and less than flattering distinction between Reagan's brand of Republicanism and Donald Trump’s.

Ryan is an Aquarian by Sun sign (click on Paul Ryan to see his chart) and, as is typical of Aquarius, he is more interested in ideas than personality. His attachment to the Republican Party is totally philosophical. Ryan is the kind of Republican who gives Ayn Rand books to his friends and believes that unfettered capitalism is the solution to every problem. At one time he was considered a rising star in the Republican ranks but that changed in 2016.

Back in 2017, when Ryan announced his retirement, I predicted that he would not stay on the sidelines for long. I thought that the square by his secondary progressed Mars to his natal Sun in 2019 would ignite his fighting spirit. However, that didn’t happen. Instead we had to wait until his progressed Mars squared his natal Venus. In other words, we had to wait until Ryan saw something he loved, namely the Republican Party, under serious duress.

Unfortunately for Paul Ryan, there are no major transits backing up his secondary progressed aspects. That leads me to believe that Ryan’s efforts are unlikely to significantly interfere with the Uranian change that is overtaking his party. It may be that the only solution for Ryan and his friends is to pack up their status quo and move it to a new address, one that is more about the doctrine of small government and less about the cult of Donald Trump.

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