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Following the Moon: May 26, 2021GGAMoon

I made much of the dominance of Neptune in the New Moon chart for May 11. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) Neptune has a way of reducing ambitious initiatives to muddled attempts. So instead of facilitating agreement on Biden’s infrastructure bill or even a bi-partisan commission to investigate the events of Jan. 6, 2021, this chart brought doubt that either would be accomplished.

I also noted that the nearly exact sextile between Uranus  and Mars in the Tenth House indicated problems for someone in a position of authority. Instead, this aspect seems to have spurred the Biden administration to intercede in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza. The current cease-fire may be tenuous but it’s certainly an improvement over what was happening earlier in that lunation period.

It is possible that the big event for this lunation period, at least with regard to the United States, was the announcement that the investigation of Donald Trump’s business dealings has been broadened to cover criminal charges. With both the Sun and Moon in the Ninth House, it’s not surprising that there would be movement in issues related to the court. However, thanks to the strength Neptune in this chart, what that movement means is still a matter of conjecture.

Those of us who are hoping for clarity on this and other issues may have a while to wait. Though Neptune is not quite as powerfully placed in the Full Moon and eclipse chart of May 26 (click on Full Moon to see the chart) it still holds a dominant position. Placed in the Tenth House, Neptune is square Venus and Mercury, both of which are near the Ascendant. On top of that, Mercury rules the ascending sign, Gemini, and is therefore the ruler to the chart. It looks like we are going to be in for another two weeks of Neptunian subterfuge, double-talk and confusion, at least as far as what we know about what’s happening in Washington.

Aside from the prominence of Neptune, however, there is much to like about this lunation horoscope. Jupiter is conjunct the Midheaven of this horoscope and square the Sun and Moon. This would seem to describe a period of optimism and good fortune for the country at large. Of course, since the aspect is a square, we have to be careful not to overdo the optimism. (This is particular important with regard to the pandemic.) Also, since the Sun is in the Twelfth House, we might not be immediately aware of the benefits the lunation brings us.

This chart also features a nice trine to Mars by Neptune. We might see this as a signal of peace and harmony but we also have to consider that Mars is also locked into a tight semi-sextile, sesquiquadrate angle with the Sun and Moon. The past two weeks have brought us a litany shootings and other violent acts across the country. Though the trine to Neptune might give us some uplifting platitudes with regard to these destructive acts, the semi-sextile, sesquiquadrate combination promises more of the same.

The thing that has me most worried about this Full Moon chart isn’t really relevant to the lunation horoscope. That is the tightening square between transiting Saturn and Uranus. This transit will continue to get closer to culmination until it becomes exact on June 15. This describes a period of increased tension. Considering the level of anger and delusion that is bubbling all around this nation, that tension could produce some very scary results.

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