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Alexei Navalny and the Power of the Ninth House

NavalnyImageIn my latest book, “Behind the Horoscope” I write about the Sun and the Moon in the astrological houses. Of the Sun in the Ninth House I say, “people with the Sun in the Ninth House gravitate toward exalted principles and high ideals . . . but most of all, people with this placement are prone to speak out and tell the world about what they think is right.” In other words, they are inclined to preach.

Of course, people with the Sun in the Ninth do this in different ways. Al Gore preaches to us about climate change, Whoopi Goldberg talks about politics and Martha Stewart focuses on lifestyle. However, there is no person in recent history to embodies the idealism and “preacher” mentality of the Sun in the Ninth House more than Russian dissident, Alexei Navalny. (Click on Navalny to see the chart.)

Since the early 2000s Alexei Navalny has spoken out about corruption in the Russian government and against Vladimir Putin. His activism has come with a high price. In 2012 he was hauled into court on trumped up charges of embezzlement. He was convicted, jailed and then given parole, with a 5 year sentence hanging over him.

But Navalny continued his activism. He continued to preach. Then, in 2020, he nearly died after being poisoned, possibly by agents working for Putin. After miraculously surviving this attempt on his life, Navalny was imprisoned again by Russian authorities because he had failed to report to probation officer during the time that he was in a coma.

There are several features in Navalny chart that describe toughness and a warrior mentality. One of the most prominent is the placement of Pluto in his First House sextile his Mars in Leo. However, at the heart of this man’s determination to stand against Vladimir Putin and corruption is the fact that his Sun in the Ninth House. In the face of a system of overwhelming oppression, Navalny has turned his life into a sermon.

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