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A.O.C. vs. M.T.G.BrooksSumnerImage

In 1856, when the United States was deeply divided over slavery, Representative Preston Brooks of South Carolina attacked Senator Charles Sumner of Massachusetts with his cane, leaving that outspoken abolitionist bloodied and unconscious on the Senate floor. Thankfully our nation has gotten beyond such undignified displays of partisan rage in our political dialogue, or have we?

Polls indicate that the country is almost as deeply divide now as it was in 1856. Once again we seem to be living in two different realms of reality. The friction that recently erupted between Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene seems to embody that divide. I thought it might be interesting to compare their horoscopes. (Click here to see a double chart with Ocasio-Cortez’s in the middle and a chart done for noon on Greene’s date of birth in the outer ring.)

What is most striking about this double chart is the fact that Greene’s Sun (at about 5 degrees of Gemini) is opposite Ocasio-Cortez’s Venus. This is usually an indicator of compatibility. Each has something the other needs. Of course, at the same time Neptune in the chart of MTG is fairly close to a conjunction with both Venus and the Ascendant in AOC’s horoscope. Obviously, any attraction between these two has been muddled by Neptune’s influence.

We get a truer picture of this relationship when we look at Greene’s Saturn. In the horoscope of Ocasio-Cortez we have a very tight T-Square with Mercury opposite the Moon and both square Uranus. This is one reason why AOC has become such a controversial figure. Greene’s Saturn, at 4 degrees Cancer, is opposite Ocasio-Cortez’s Uranus and square her Mercury and Moon.

Adding to this conflict, we have the placement of Greene’s Pluto at 4 degree Libra, square her natal Saturn and conjunct AOC’s Mercury and (more widely) her Midheaven. Greene sees herself as the judge (Saturn) and also the ultimate answer (Pluto) to Ocasio-Cortez’s liberalism.

The intersection of Greene’s Saturn and Pluto with the powerful T-square that dominates Ocasio-Cortez’s chart explains why Greene seem so intent on challenging AOC. We have to hope that Greene’s animosity never reaches the level of Preston Brooks. Though she doesn’t sport a gold-handled cane, Greene has been known to carry a gun.

After he nearly clubbed Charles Sumner to death, Preston Brooks was celebrated as a hero in the Southern states of the United States. Meanwhile Sumner was touted as a martyr to the abolitionist cause in the North. It is likely that the conflict between AOC and MTG will play out the much same way with the American people, with some siding with Greene and others taking up of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes. In the end the final decision about who is the real winner will be left to history.

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