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Nicola Sturgeon and the Cycles of Saturn

Recent elections in Scotland returned Nicola Sturgeon to the office of First Minister, a position she has held since 2014. Sturgeon in the head of the Scottish National Party and one of the chief aims of that party has been the separation of Scotland from England. In a referendum in 2014 the Scottish people voted to remain a part of the UK but the Brexit vote in 2016 has got a lot of Scots wanting to take up the issue again.

After the referendum in Sept. 2014, the previous head of the SNP and First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond, resigned. As his hand-picked successor, Sturgeon swept into his slot without opposition. In Sept. 2014 transiting Saturn was opposed to Sturgeon’s natal Saturn, one of the classic Saturn Cycle aspects. (Click on Nicola Sturgeon to see her horoscope.)

Saturn Cycle aspects frequently coincide with important turning point in a person’s career. Saturn bring us tests. If you are unprepared for these tests, Saturn Cycle aspects can be challenging. They expose our weaknesses. But when you are prepared, and you pass the test, these aspects can mark major steps forward.

Obviously, Nicola Sturgeon passed the test Saturn gave her in 2014. Not only has she maintained the SNP’s dominance in Scottish politics, she has led her people through the trying times of COVID-19. However, there have been accusations from some within SNP that Sturgeon has been too passive with regard to separation from England.

On reason for this apparent passivity could be a major scandal involving her predecessor and mentor in the SNP, Alex Salmond. In Jan. 2019 Salmond was arrested and charged with attempted rape and several counts of sexual harassment. Though he was eventually found not guilty of the charges, questions were raised about Sturgeon’s role in the investigation. Allegations that Sturgeon had misrepresented her awareness of the charges against Salmond were not put to rest until Mar. 2021, when transiting Uranus made its last square her Moon.

A few days ago Nicola Sturgeon let it be known that another referendum on separation form the UK would be coming once the COVID-19 crisis was over. However, no specific date was set. This might have something to do with the fact the Pluto is currently opposite Sturgeon’s natal Sun. This is an aspect that typically blocks us from the desires of our ego. Actually, it’s somewhat surprising that Sturgeon was able to hold onto her seat with this aspect hitting her Sun but, though the SNP controls more seats in the Scottish Parliament than any other party, they are still one seat short of a majority.

In 2022 Saturn will be squaring Sturgeon’s natal Saturn. It will also pass over her natal I.C. That’s two major Saturn Cycles in one year. Meanwhile, Pluto will continue to oppose her natal Sun. It might not be the best time for Sturgeon to risk holding a referendum on separation, but it is likely that she is going to be feeling intense pressure to do so. Again, Nicola Sturgeon is going to be tested. How she performs on this test could rewrite the history of her country.

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