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Following the Moon: April 26, 2021

In my analysis of the New Moon for Apr. 11 (click here to see that article and the chart) I was struck by the sharp contradictions described by the chart. I thought that maybe they would cancel each other out and that the result would be a boring two weeks. Instead, we got both the good and the bad sides of those contradictions and a very exciting lunation period.

I was definitely wrong about one thing. I thought that the Derek Chauvin trial would drag on for a couple more weeks. Instead we got a verdict that provided a ray of hope for those seeking social justice in this country. At the same time, however, we had more mass shootings and more black people killed or wounded by white police officers in controversial circumstances. Though there is no reason to go into them now, all of these contradictory highs and the lows were described by the Apr. 11 chart.

The Full Moon chart for April 26 (click on Full Moon to see the chart) also has some contradictory indicators. As in the April 11 chart, Mars is angular, indicating a tendency toward violence. However, now Mars has moved into Cancer, a sign in which it is generally considered to be weakened, and it is forms a wide trine to benevolent Jupiter. This would seem to describe a quieting of the dumb beat of violence we’ve been experiencing. On the other hand, the fact that Mars is in a sign it dislikes could just make that violence nastier and more irrational.

Most of the activity in this chart, however, involves the Sun and Moon which are also in angular houses. Uranus is conjunct the Sun and opposed to the Moon and all three are square Saturn, which is also square Mercury and Venus. Uranus describes explosive, game-changing events while Saturn brings judgement. With both these planet active in the chart (and square one another) we have to expect the next two weeks to be fraught with tension.

There is another aspect involving the Sun and Moon in this chart that is more obscure. The Sun forms a 45 degree semi-square to Neptune and the Moon is in a 135 degree sesquiquadrate aspect with Neptune. These contacts with Neptune make me think that the tension in this chart could come out of surprising revelations involving the finances (Saturn is in the Second House of money) of a celebrity or political figure.

When Neptune is involved in an aspect there is usually some element of deception and confusion in place and the combination of Saturn and Uranus indicates a conflict between those advocating the status quo and those seeking to seriously disrupt it. In other words, there is going to be a lot of contradictory information and different people will be spinning it to fit their own agendas. This is something we’re all used to, but it will add to the tension this chart describes.

Since the Second House is emphasized in this chart, we also have to also consider the possibility that it is describing a major shift in the stock market and the economy in general. However, here we get into the great astrological sinkhole of house systems. I’ve done this chart in the Placidus system which places Jupiter (symbolizing largess) and Saturn (symbolizing restriction) in the Second. If you do the chart in the Koch system, you also get Pluto (symbolizing big business) in this sector. I think the Koch chart definitely describes disruption in the market, while the Placidus chart is not quite so clear. We will have to wait and see which is correct.

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