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Is Mitch McConnell the Reincarnation of John C. Calhoun?

Who was John C. Calhoun? He was an American politician who exerted tremendous influence during a long period stretching from 1810 until hie death in 1850. He served in the House of Representative, the Senate, as Vice President and Secretary of War, but Calhoun is most remembered for his tireless support of slavery.

We don’t have a birth time for John Calhoun but we know that he was a Pisces by Sun sign and that his Moon was in Taurus. (Click on John Calhoun to see the partial horoscope.) Guess who else has the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Taurus: Mitch McConnell. (Click on Mitch to see a chart done for noon on McConnell’s date of birth.)

Calhoun was from South Carolina and he grew up in an environment in which owning other people was the norm. However, unlike Thomas Jefferson and many other political figures of that age, he didn’t see slavery as a necessary evil. He saw it as “positive good” that benefited both the slave-owner and the enslaved. Even in his own time, people found this notion delusional, but Calhoun clung to it all the tenacity of a Taurus Moon.

By the time Mitch McConnell completes his current term in the Senate, he time in public office will have exceeded that of John Calhoun. Like Calhoun, McConnell has approached politics with one idea paramount. That is that that government should not interfere with the will of the rich and powerful. Not everyone agrees with this notion that capitalism solves all ills, but McConnell remains adamant. And his status in the Senate has allowed Mitch to swat down ideas contrary to his own with the same ruthlessness that John Calhoun quashed attempts to limit slavery.

Of course, both these men were Pisces by Sun sign, an adaptable Water sign. Despite his single-minded support of slavery, Calhoun was willing to ally himself with any group and any party as long as it helped him preserve what he considered the “sacred” plantation lifestyle. McConnell has also shown amazing flexibility, particular where Donald Trump is concerned. One day he condemns Trump for causing the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol Building. The next, he says he’ll vote for him.

Calhoun is famous for his advocacy of  an idea called “nullification” in which states had to right to nullify any federal law they saw as unconstitutional. Nullification would have allowed those holding a minority opinion, like slavery, to simply ignore the will of the majority. Mitch McConnell’s spearheaded the lawsuit that established the concept that money equaled speech. That idea, once it was validated by the Supreme Court, has allowed a minority of very rich people to exert a huge influence over the way the majority votes.

As Sun and Moon combinations go, Pisces and Taurus is generally positive. It brings together the imagination and adaptability of Pisces with the practicality and firmness of Taurus. However, it also joins the fuzzy, even delusional, thinking that is often the downfall of Pisces people with the relentless stubbornness of Taurus. In the case of John Calhoun, the judgement of history leans strongly toward the latter result. For Mitch McConnell that judgement is still pending.

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